Valero Money Order Policy: Limits, Fees, Availability Explained

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Short Answer

Valero locations are individually owned and operated, so some locations sell money orders, while others do not. Of the locations we contacted, about 70% said they sell money orders. Valero does not cash money orders.

Does Valero Sell or Cash Money Orders?

Some Valero gas station and convenience store locations sell money orders, and some do not.

We called seven Valero locations in Florida, Georgia, and Texas; five of the seven said they sell money orders. None of the locations we called cash money orders. (One local owner said, “You’ll need to contact your bank if you want one cashed.”)

Most of the stations we called said they sold money orders for as low as $1.50 for every $500. All stations said they require cash payment for money orders.

Valero’s website makes no mention of a companywide money order policy, so we contacted Valero’s corporate customer service. A representative confirmed that because Valero gas stations and convenience stores are individually owned and operated, you should visit or contact your nearest Valero to determine if it sells money orders.

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