Does Vons Cash Checks? Answered

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Short Answer

Vons grocery stores will cash a printed payroll or government check for a fee (starting at $2.25). Other limits and restrictions apply, and check cashing policies may vary by store.

Does Vons Cash Checks?

Vons grocery stores do offer check cashing services, but there are limitations and fees, Vons payment services department told us.

You can cash any printed payroll or government check at Vons, but not a handwritten, personal, or third-party check.

Make sure to bring a state-issued ID or driver’s license to cash a check, and expect to pay a $2.25 fee for every $100 you cash.

Keep in mind, Vons typically won’t cash a check valued over $1,000, and the store’s ability to cash checks depends on how much cash it has on-hand. For that reason, a Vons customer service representative recommends cashing larger checks by midday.

Check cashing policies may vary by store; visit or contact your nearest Vons for more information.

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