Walgreens Fax Machine: Can You Fax at Walgreens? Answered

Walgreens is often a one-stop shop, offering a pharmacy, photo center, many household goods, and more. If you need to send a fax — something most of us don’t have set up at home anymore — a one stop shop like Walgreens might come to mind. But does Walgreens fax? Is there at least a Walgreens fax machine you can use? Unfortunately, there is no Walgreens fax machine available for customers to use. The same is true at Duane Reade, which Walgreens owns. We have more details of the Walgreens/Duane Reade fax policy and the services they do offer below.

Can You Send a Fax at Walgreens?

No, you can’t fax at Walgreens. We contacted the Walgreens’ customer service hotline and were told that Walgreens doesn’t have any fax machines available for public use. We also reached out to several Walgreens and Duane Reade locations, all of which confirmed that they do not offer fax services. Their suggestion: check out office supply stores instead. As it turns out, office related services like faxing, copying, and printing aren’t in Walgreens’/Duane Reade’s repertoire.

Here are the services that Walgreens and Duane Reade do offer:

  • Photo Center — You can print your digital photos, make photo books, order mugs or other memorabilia with your photos, take passport photos, and more.
  • Pharmacy — You can pick up prescriptions, buy over-the-counter meds, get your flu shot, and more.
  • Health Clinic — Some locations have basic clinics, where you can make appointments to see a medical professional and get care for basic health concerns.
  • Western Union — Walgreens is a Western Union agent, which means you can send/receive money transfers and pay bills.

In Summary

Can you fax at Walgreens? No. You also cannot fax at the Walgreens-owned, New York-based chain Duane Reade. But even though Walgreens does not offer fax services, there are many other options. Shipping stores and office supply stores are most likely to have fax machines, though on rare occasions your local grocery store might have one as well. Aside from these, fax services can sometimes be found at banks, hotels, and libraries. You can also look into online services that allow you to use your phone or computer to send a fax. For help finding a place to send or receive, see our article 10+ Places Where You Can Send a Fax for Free or Cheap. The article is very helpful because other convenient places such as CVS and Walmart also do not allow customers to access a fax machine.

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