Walmart Brake Services? Brake Pad Replacement Cost? We Investigate…

Walmart Auto Care Centers don’t offer brake services. That means, Walmart does not replace brakes or brake pads.

Walmart Auto Care Centers only offer “basic auto maintenance services” like oil changes and tire rotations, according to the company’s website. We contacted several Walmart Auto Care Centers to confirm this information.

You can, however, purchase brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers, and/or brake pad and rotor kits from a Walmart store or on and install them yourself.

If you’re not comfortable replacing your brakes or brake pads yourself, full-service auto repair shops like Midas and Meineke can help. The cost for these types of services varies based on the type of car you have and the type of replacement you need. For a cost estimate, contact your local repair shop. (Select Midas locations also offer online repair estimates.)

Looking to just get your rotors turned? See our article for the list of places to go to for rotor resurfacing.

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