Walmart Car Battery Return & Exchange Policy Explained

This article is all about the Walmart car battery return policy and exchange policy. It’ll help you get going again (literally).

Walmart’s large automotive supplies inventory and nationwide Auto Care Centers (located in many Walmart stores) have simplified the process of getting a new car battery — and disposing of an old one. In addition to the sale of Walmart-specific automotive batteries, most Walmart locations offer free testing and free installation of batteries.

What Types of Car Batteries Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart sells three types of lead-acid car batteries: EverStart Maxx, EverStart Plus, and ValuePower. These batteries are exclusive to Walmart and cannot be purchased elsewhere.

What Is Walmart’s Car Battery Warranty Policy?

Each type of battery sold by Walmart has a different warranty, so you’ll want to compare options before you make your purchase. The warranty is listed on the individual battery and the Walmart website. If you need to return or replace a car battery that’s under warranty, you’ll need to bring it back to a Walmart store.

  • EverStart Maxx: Free replacement within three years of purchase, and two years of prorated replacement thereafter
  • EverStart Plus: Free replacement within two years of purchase
  • ValuePower: Free replacement within one year of purchase

Learn more about the Walmart battery return policy on the Walmart Battery Center page.

What Is Walmart’s Car Battery Return Policy?

Can you return a car battery? Sure, no questions asked. If you want to return an automotive battery, you can do so within 90 days of purchase. If you have your receipt, you will receive a refund via the same payment method. For example, if you paid with cash, you will receive a cash refund. If you don’t have a receipt, Walmart will verify the battery was sold at Walmart and then refund you in cash if the amount is less than $25, or provide you with a store credit if the amount exceeds $25.

If you bought the wrong battery, you can exchange it for the right one. If you purchased a car battery and find it isn’t working properly, a Walmart Auto Care Center will perform a free system check on it and exchange it for a new one, if necessary. They also install car batteries, free of charge. Find a Walmart Auto Care Center near you.

What Is Walmart’s Car Battery Exchange/Disposal Policy?

In most states, Walmart will dispose (recycle) your car battery for you at no charge. Bring your old battery with you when you purchase a new one to take advantage of this service. If you purchase a new battery without exchanging an old one, Walmart will charge you a core fee (amount varies according to the state you live in but typically $5-$9), designed to encourage consumers to return their old batteries so they don’t end up in landfills. Paying a core fee is common no matter where you buy a car battery.

A core fee works like a deposit. If you purchase a battery at Walmart and pay the core charge, you can return the battery to a Walmart store for recycling and get a core charge refund. To get a core charge refund, you’ll need to visit the automotive department or customer service desk.

Typically, refunds are available either in cash or for use toward the purchase of a replacement battery. Some stores do require the original receipt to prove that you purchased the battery at Walmart and paid a core fee. Due to state regulations, the policy on core fee refunds varies by location, corporate customer service representatives said; you may want to call your local store to check its policy before visiting.

In Summary

Now you know about the Walmart car battery return policy and the Walmart battery exchange policy. Walmart has three, Walmart-brand automotive batteries to choose from, all of which come with warranties. You can return a new car battery to Walmart within 90 days of purchase or return a used battery within its warranty period for a free replacement. When purchasing a new battery, make sure to bring your old one with you to take advantage of Walmart’s free disposal service.

For details on the car battery return policies at other retailers, see our article. We also cover where to find common and specialty batteries in Walmart.