Walmart Clearance Return Policy Explained: Time Limit, Exclusions, etc

Walmart storefront

Short Answer

You can return most clearance items to Walmart within 90 days of purchase, with or without a receipt.

Walmart Clearance Return Policy

If you’re not happy with an item — including clearance items — for any reason, you can return it to a Walmart store within 90 days of purchase, with or without a receipt, according to Walmart’s return policy.

Store managers have final authority on any return, and there are a few exceptions to Walmart’s general return policy:

  1. Contract cell phones can only be returned within 14 days of purchase, and you must have the receipt. Contract cell phones must also be returned to the store where it was purchased.
  2. Drones, digital cameras, computers, e-tablets, and other electronic devices must be returned within 15 days of purchase, and you must have the receipt. Electronics can be returned to any Walmart store.
  3. All trees, perennials, and shrubs have a one-year return policy. You must have the receipt.
  4. Unopened alcohol and tobacco can be returned to the store where it was purchased. You must have the receipt.
  5. The following items cannot be returned for any reason: firearms, ammunition, pepper spray, ATVs, UTVs, go-karts, dirt bikes, gas-powered mini bikes, diabetic products, prescription drugs, and prepaid cellular devices.
  6. Items purchased from third-party sellers through are subject to the seller’s return policy.

Aside from the above-mentioned exceptions, Walmart will accept returns on any item purchased from Walmart at or at one of its brick-and-mortar locations.

If you have the receipt, your refund will be returned to the original method of payment. If you don’t have the receipt, your return will need to go through a verification process requiring your government-issued photo ID.

If your return clears the verification process, you can opt for a cash refund if your return is less than $25 or store credit if the item is more than $25.

For more on Walmart returns, see our research on the return policy for opened and unboxed items.


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