Walmart Credit Limit Increase: How to Apply & Get Approved

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Short Answer

To increase the limit on your Walmart Credit Card, you have to make a request. In order to be approved, you’ll need a higher income and/or a higher credit score than you had when you applied.

How to Increase Your Walmart Credit Card Limit

How to Request a Higher Limit

You may want to increase your credit limit because your card is currently maxed out or you’re looking to make a big purchase. But a better reason to request a credit limit increase is to boost your credit score.

Credit bureaus look for a low credit utilization ratio — or the amount of credit available to you versus the sum of all of your credit card balances; a higher limit should give you a lower ratio.

There are a few ways you can request a credit limit increase on your Walmart Credit Card. You can request an increase online by signing in to your Walmart Credit Card account. Once you’re signed in, select “Request a Credit Limit Increase.”

You will be asked to enter some information, such as the amount of increase you would like, your annual net income (the amount you make each year after deductions like taxes), and the reason for your request.

Alternatively, you can call Walmart Credit Services at (877) 294-7880 and a customer service representative can check your eligibility for a credit increase over the phone.

Whether applying online or over the phone, you should be able to find out within a few seconds if your request for an increase has been approved or declined.

How to Know If You’ll be Approved

If you already have a Walmart Credit Card, you can request a credit limit increase at any time. Limit increases are approved based on income and a credit check, a Walmart Credit Services agent said. Other factors like late payments and an outstanding balance may also be taken into consideration.

Bottom line is, if you haven’t increased your income or built up your credit score since you were initially approved for the card, you are unlikely to be granted a credit limit increase.

Keep in mind that a customer representative also said, “Requesting a limit increase may result in an inquiry on your credit bureau; however, some requests are determined using only internal factors on your account.” That means Walmart might run what’s called a “hard check” on your credit to decide if you’re eligible for a limit increase.

Because hard credit checks can negatively impact your credit score, you might not want to request an increase unless you believe you will be approved.

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