Walmart Diaper Return & Exchange Policy Detailed

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Short Answer

You can return or exchange unopened packs of diapers at Walmart within 90 days of purchase as long as you have the receipt and original packaging. You can also mail in diaper returns, but keep in mind that if you opened the package, the return will likely not be accepted.

Walmart Diaper Return Policy

Walmart’s standard return policy allows for returns and exchanges of most merchandise with the receipt and original packaging within 90 days of purchase, and this policy also applies to unopened diaper purchases — including both infant and adult diapers.[1] You’ll receive your refund to the original form of payment, unless you choose to receive it in the form of store credit. You can also return diapers purchased on to a Walmart store or mail in the return.

If you don’t have your receipt, you can exchange the diapers for new ones, but you may not be able to return them for a refund. A store associate will need to scan the barcode to verify that you purchased the diapers from Walmart. If the diapers cost less than $10, you may be able to get a cash refund without the receipt. If the diapers cost more than $10, you can receive a refund in the form of a Walmart gift card.[2] You may be asked to present a photo ID.

To mail in your return, simply look up the order online and print the return shipping label, then mail the diapers back with the original packaging within 90 days.

Can You Return an Opened Pack of Diapers to Walmart?

If you’ve opened the pack of diapers, you may not be able to return it, customer service representatives told us. Because open diaper packages cannot be resold under any circumstances due to state and federal health and safety regulations, a store manager will likely refuse the return.

Also, if you’ve removed any of the diapers, the return will not be accepted.

Can You Return Diapers After the 90-Day Return Policy?

According to a Walmart corporate customer service representative, diaper returns after 90 days are at the sole discretion of the store manager. This means it’s up to each location’s manager to decide if you’ll be able to return diapers — or any items, for that matter — more than 90 days following your purchase. If you need to return diapers after the 90-day receipt deadline, contact your local Walmart and ask if you will be able to return them.

Can You Return Diapers from a Baby Registry Without a Receipt?

You can return diapers purchased through a Walmart baby registry without a receipt, customer service representatives told us. However, like other Walmart returns without a receipt, the diapers must pass the refund verification process. Similarly, expect to receive a cash refund if the value of the diapers is $10 or less and store credit for anything greater than $10.

For more about returning baby products, see our related research about Walmart’s return policy for baby formula and car seats.


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  • Barbara Lewis

    I purchased the wrong size of men’s diapers. One was tried on and they were too small. Can I return for larger size?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, Barbara! This policy applies to both baby diapers and adult diapers; we have updated our article to clarify this. Since your package is open, your exchange will be at the discretion of the local store manager. You may want to call the store before visiting to ask whether it is likely to accept your return. Best of luck!

  • GA

    Our Walmart will only let you exchange diapers, without a receipt, for another size. They will not issue a store credit. Unfortunately, none of employees could provide a reason.

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