Walmart Engagement Rings Review: Prices, Quality, & Warranties Detailed

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Walmart sells a variety of diamond, gemstone, and lab-grown engagement ring options in stores and online. Prices start at just $30 to $50, and even its more expensive designs usually cost under $5,000.

Walmart’s Wedding Shop online highlights promise rings, engagement rings, and bridal accessories.

Given Walmart’s “everyday low prices,” should you buy an engagement ring from Walmart? To help you make a decision, we review Walmart’s engagement rings based on price, quality, warranty and insurance coverage, and return policy below.

Walmart Engagement Rings Review


Engagement rings at Walmart start at about $30 for solitaire rings with gemstones other than diamonds. More traditional styles featuring cubic zirconia, diamonds, or lab-grown stones start around $40 to $50. Walmart’s engagement ring prices go up to about $15,000, but most are under $5,000.

For comparison, Zales offers engagement rings starting around $90, with occasional sales down to about $60. Jared, meanwhile, doesn’t sell any engagement rings under $300 (at the time of this writing).

Keep in mind, purchases from stores like Zales and Jared often include additional services and protections (like free stone replacement and free lifetime cleanings) not offered by Walmart — more on that below.


  • Sells rings for just about any price point, from well under $100 to several thousand
  • Generally less expensive than chain jewelers like Zales and Jared


  • Price typically includes the ring only, not any ring protection or services


Walmart sells both very affordable engagement rings and more elaborate, expensive designs, catering to a variety of price points. For the more expensive styles, it’s best to compare the quality of the ring you’re interested in with similar rings at other stores.

However, if the selection at Jared is out of budget or you don’t want to wait for a Zales sale, Walmart might be a better option for you.

Brands, Quality, and Selection

Due to its price range, Walmart’s selection is somewhat limited in stone size, but there are many stone shapes and band choices available. Some of the available styles are as follows:

  • Shapes: Cushion, emerald, oval, pear, princess, round
  • Metals/colors: Rose gold, sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold

Walmart’s top engagement ring brands include Forever Bride, Imperial Diamond, Miabella, Pompeii3, and Radiant Fire Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry.

Most of these brands are exclusive to Walmart and not well known. (One exception is Pompeii3, which is a family-owned jeweler and has been in business since 1919.)

Note that Walmart’s engagement ring selection is much larger online than in stores; you’ll primarily see the Forever Bride collection in stores.

Despite the lack of name recognition, many of the diamonds Walmart sells are certified by the International Gemological Institute, and the Radiant Fire line offers a sustainable option for ethically-minded couples.


  • Wide variety of brands and styles available, including a lab-grown option
  • Many rings come with International Gemological Institute certification


  • Limited stone sizes
  • Limited in-store selection compared to online
  • Doesn’t sell rings from well-known, “name brand” jewelers


While it doesn’t sell many well-known ring brands, Walmart offers a varied selection of stone shapes and metals, making it likely that you’ll find a ring that suits your significant other’s tastes.

It even offers a sustainable diamond alternative — something you might not expect to see at a discount retailer. But, for the best selection, shop online.

Repairs, Warranties, and Insurance

If you have the original receipt for a diamond ring, Walmart will repair it at no cost within one year of purchase. However, this policy only covers diamond jewelry and does not cover the loss of the ring or damage from “abuse” (as determined by Walmart).

Engagement ring prices do not include services like cleaning, stone replacement, or resizing, customer service representatives told us.

For comparison, Zales and Jared both offer lifetime cleaning, free inspections, and coverage for gemstone breakage — but note that some of these protections are only available for rings worth $200 or more.

Walmart Protection Plans are available for an extra fee (starting at $10) on some engagement ring purchases. These plans protect the ring against workmanship defects and breakage from normal wear and tear — including chips, cracks, dents, scratches, and thinning — for a term of two or three years.

The Protection Plan does not cover intentional damage, intentional loss, or theft. You can find Protection Plan options listed online before you add an item to your cart.

If you decide to buy a ring from Walmart, you might also want to look into your jewelry insurance options; companies like Jewelers Mutual offer jewelry insurance for as low as $25 per year, depending on the value of the ring.


  • Walmart Protection Plans are low-cost and cover damage from normal wear and tear.
  • Walmart does not require a minimum purchase amount for its diamond guarantee.


  • Walmart doesn’t offer services like cleaning or resizing, so if you purchase a Walmart ring, you’ll need to find these services elsewhere.
  • Walmart’s one-year jewelry guarantee (included with purchase) only applies to diamond jewelry.
  • Protection plans add to your total cost and are not available for every ring.


Because Walmart does not offer jewelry maintenance services like cleaning, resizing, or stone replacement, you’ll want to consider things like how much ring resizing costs and find places near you that offer services like resizing and re-dipping.

Depending on your budget and these added costs, you may prefer to purchase a ring from a jeweler that offers free maintenance services.

However, keep in mind that Walmart does offer repairs for diamond jewelry and a low-cost protection plan ($10+) that covers things like chips and cracks.


If you buy an engagement ring from a Walmart store or directly from and later need to return it, you can do so within 90 days. Your return should include the original receipt and packaging.

The return policy for marketplace (third-party) purchases will vary by seller. Walmart guarantees a minimum return window of 30 days and a maximum restocking fee of 20% of the item price. You may also pay for return shipping.

For more information on how to make a return to Walmart at a store or by mail, see our overview of Walmart’s return policy.


  • Three month return period for most rings
  • You can return rings shipped and sold by to a Walmart store for faster service, as long as the value is less than $300.
  • As long as you meet the return requirements, you’ll receive a full refund to your original payment method.


  • Though store managers have the final say on returns, Walmart will usually deny your return without the receipt.
  • Third-party seller policies vary, which may lead you to pay unexpected return shipping charges or restocking fees.


As long as you hold on to your receipt, Walmart offers a reasonable return policy for rings purchased at a store or directly from However, you might want to avoid marketplace sellers or look into their return policies before buying a ring, so you don’t end up paying any unexpected return fees.

In Summary

Walmart offers a wide selection of ring brands and styles at various price points but doesn’t provide much in the way of maintenance or repairs unless you buy the optional protection plan.

But, keep in mind that jewelry stores like Zales and Jared typically include additional services with purchases of $200 or more — so, if you’re looking to spend under $200, Walmart may have a ring that suits your needs.

In truth, it doesn’t matter where you buy your engagement ring as long as you find a design your significant other will love within your budget.


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