Walmart Senior Citizen Discount or Senior Discount Day?

Walmart logo sign on the outside of a store

Walmart doesn’t offer an everyday senior discount or a designated senior discount day in its stores or online.[1]

We confirmed this information with Walmart’s corporate customer service department and several store locations.

Note that some businesses located within Walmart — such as nail salons, hair salons, or fast food restaurants — may offer their own senior discounts.[1]

For example, some Subway locations inside Walmart stores offer a percentage off a meal or a free drink to seniors.

These discounts vary by location,[1] so it’s best to contact your local store to see if any discounts are available and to find out the minimum age requirements for such promotions.

Other Ways to Save at Walmart

Though Walmart doesn’t offer a senior discount, there are various other ways to save at the superstore.

Get the best deals using the following:

If you’re a current or former service member, see our related research for information on Walmart’s military discount policy.

Other Stores With Senior Discounts

Some of the stores similar to Walmart that offer senior discounts include the following.

Note that you can select each store name to view our previous research on each company’s policy.

For even more options, see our list of over 100 senior discounts by age.

  1. Walmart customer service (800) 925-6278[][][]


  • Zinda

    You have done a fantastic job of assembling this list especially since you have made direct contact with these stores to verify the discount and any of the limitations or things that are needed to be eligible for them. I’m sure there’s been a number of visits that I have missed out on since I had no idea to even ask.
    I think the Fry’s discount should be automatically applied to the purchase without any need to ask for it since they have that info already from the VIP card application! I know it’ll be hard to remember to schedule that one day a month for a specific visit, but if I can do it, that’s at least a $10 discount for me.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Thank you, Zinda! We’re glad to hear that you found our article helpful.

      That is an interesting idea for Fry’s — you may want to call and suggest it! You can reach Fry’s customer service at (800) 576-4377. To help you remember when to schedule those visits, we have a list of all of the Fry’s senior days for 2020 in our dedicated article on the Fry’s senior discount policy.

  • jo

    walmart dose not matchprice any more

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Jo,

      Walmart stores can set their own price match policies, so it might be that your local stores doesn’t price match anymore, but many will. also price matches, but only with a select list of other online retailers. Check the price match policy for the list of stores. It’s a pretty long list, and even includes You can also price match an item in a Walmart store with a lower price on

  • Irene hernandez

    There has to be some protection for seniors for late charge of 35 dollars when we overlook our accounts. I have been charged over 200 dollars this year. You have to have some empathy for us.

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Hillary M. Miller

      Hi Irene,

      In many cases, banks will be happy to waive late or overdraft fees for good customers who have only a few such incidents on their account. It may be worth reaching out to your bank to see if they would be willing to work with you to dismiss at least some of the fees. Best of luck!

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