Walmart Tire Balance, Mount and Balance Services Explained

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Short Answer

Tire balancing costs $14 per tire, and tire mounting costs around $19 to $28 per tire at Walmart Auto Care Centers. For tire mounting, you can purchase the tires from Walmart or bring in your own tires to have them mounted.

Walmart Tire Balance and Mounting Services

Walmart Superstores with Auto Care Centers offer both tire balancing and tire mounting services.[1]

We confirmed this by contacting Walmart stores in New York, Florida, and Arizona, as well as by researching the company’s policies online.

Tire balancing at Walmart costs $14 per tire.[1]

For tire mounting, you can bring your own new or used tires to Walmart and have them mounted to your car, or you can purchase tires at Walmart.

The cost for tire mounting at Walmart is $19 to $28 per tire, depending on whether or not you choose to have the valve stem replaced and if you purchase your tires from Walmart or elsewhere.

The breakdown for tire mounting costs is as follows:[1]

  • $5 per tire for specialty mounting
  • $11 per tire for carry-in mounting
  • $14 per tire for balancing
  • $3 per valve stem replacement

New tires must be balanced after they are mounted, so the cost of tire balancing included in the mounting service is not optional.

Note that Walmart may charge additional fees for parts not included in the service.[1]

To find your nearest store with a Walmart Auto Center, use the Walmart store locator.

Tire Disposal

If you have new tires mounted on your car, Walmart will dispose of the old tires.

State-mandated tire disposal fees are imposed in most states, ranging from $0.25 to $10 per tire. The proceeds support tire recycling and disposal programs.

Fees are included in the cost when purchasing new tires at Walmart.[2]

When to Get Tires Balanced

Treadwear and uneven weight distribution are typical causes of unbalanced tires.

An unbalanced tire can cause driving issues like steering wheel vibrations or increased wear on your tires and suspension systems.

If your tires are causing vibrations, you should have them balanced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your vehicle.

Additionally, manufacturers recommend periodic tire balancing. Most manufacturers, such as Goodyear, recommend balancing tires every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.[3]

You should also have your tires rotated when you have them balanced. Walmart provides free tire rotation with tire balancing and mounting services.[1]

More Information

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