The Walmart TV Return Policy (New or Refurbished) in Plain Language

Short Answer: If you bought a TV at Walmart, whether it’s a $200 refurbished bargain or a $2,000 splurge, you can return it within 30 days of purchase. In some circumstances, Walmart may accept a TV return past 30 days, but it will depend on the store. To complete the return, you’ll need the original receipt and packaging. Damaged, defective, and open-box TVs are eligible for return as long as the damage was not caused by the customer. Below, we have more details of Walmart’s TV return policy for in-store and online purchases.

What Is Walmart’s In-Store TV Return Policy?

TVs purchased in a Walmart store must be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase. You must have your receipt and original packaging to process the return. According to a Walmart customer service representative, Walmart does not charge a restocking fee for returned TVs.

If you buy a TV and immediately find that it is damaged or doesn’t work, you can return it with an open box and choose either a refund or a replacement. However, if you damage the TV yourself, you cannot return it, even if you purchased a Walmart protection plan. Walmart’s return policy does not cover damage done by the customer, and the protection plan for TVs does not cover accidental or intentional damage.

You may also return a TV that you’ve plugged in and tested as long as you’re within the 30-day return period. Return the TV along with all of its accessories and the original packaging. You should make your return when the customer service desk is open. See our article for Walmart’s standard return hours.

There are occasions when you might purchase a TV and save it for a later date, such as buying it as a gift. If you do this, you should still open the packaging right away and inspect the TV for any damage. If you open the TV past the 30-day return period and find that the TV is damaged or defective, Walmart will deny the return.

According to Walmart customer service, some stores may accept a TV return past 30 days in exchange for store credit. However, this is up to the discretion of management and not all stores will allow the return. Expect to bring all packaging and your receipt as outlined above, plus a valid ID. You may want to call your local Walmart to ask for information. For more details on returning items to Walmart past the return window, see our article.

What Is’s TV Return Policy?

The return policy for TVs purchased through is also 30 days, with the same damage and open-box policies detailed above. Note that if the TV was bought through a Walmart Marketplace seller, the return policy is dictated by the individual seller that sold you the TV.

When returning a TV purchased on, you have the option of returning the TV in-store or by mail. If you’d like to mail the TV back, you must make sure the TV is in its original packaging and includes the receipt and any accessories that came with the TV. According to a Walmart customer service representative, there is no restocking fee or return shipping charge associated with returning a TV by mail.

If you’d like to return your TV by mail, login to your Walmart account and fill out the return form and print the shipping label. You can also call the customer service line and a representative can do this for you. You must use the label they issue.

Returns by mail cannot be made past 30 days. If you’re returning the TV to a store, again, your Walmart may be willing to accept it past 30 days; however, it is up to the discretion of management.

What Is Walmart’s Return Policy for Refurbished TVs?

Walmart’s website does not list a separate return policy for refurbished items, including TVs. According to a Walmart customer service representative, the return policy is the same for refurbished TVs as it is for new TVs — they must be returned within 30 days of the date of purchase and include the original receipt and packaging. If ordered online and shipped from Walmart, refurbished TVs may be returned in store or by mail, and there is no shipping charge or restocking fee associated with the return. Like new TVs, you may initiate a return by mail by logging into your account or by contacting a Walmart customer service representative.

Also like new TVs, refurbished TVs purchased on and shipped from a Marketplace seller are not eligible for a return or exchange from Walmart. If bought from a Marketplace seller, you’ll need to contact the seller to determine if your refurbished TV may be returned or exchanged.

For details on other Walmart store services, see our articles about Walmart’s laptop and tablet return policy, making a Walmart return without a receipt, and Walmart’s return policy without the box.

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  • John riachi says:

    Your information about about the return policy on TVs is incorrect. It is 30 days only (not 90 as stated above).

    • Lindsey Desmet says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hello, John! Walmart’s in-store return policy for TVs has actually reduced to a 30-day window as well. We have updated our article to reflect both policy changes. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!