Walmart TV Return Policy Explained (New or Refurbished)

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Short Answer

You can return both new and refurbished TVs to Walmart within 30 days of purchase. To make a return, you’ll need the original packaging, and it helps to have the receipt as well (though Walmart may accept your return without it). Damaged, defective, and open-box TVs are eligible for return as long as you didn’t cause the damage.

Walmart TV Return Policy

Walmart accepts TV returns within 30 days — televisions are among the exceptions to Walmart’s standard 90-day return policy. purchases are returnable in stores or by mail; in-store purchases must be returned to a store.[1][2]

Some stores may accept TV returns past 30 days in exchange for store credit. However, this is up to store management’s discretion, and not all stores will allow the return.[3] For late returns, you should bring all packaging and your receipt, plus a valid ID. See our research on returning items to Walmart past the return window.

In-Store Return Process

To make a return at a Walmart store, you’ll need the original packaging. It also helps to have the original receipt, though the store can look up debit card, credit card, and online purchases.[4] If you don’t have the receipt, the store may allow a return or exchange, but your refund will be in the form of store credit rather than to the original payment method.[1]

You should make your return when the customer service desk is open; see our related research for Walmart’s standard return hours. Walmart stores don’t charge any restocking fees for TVs.[5]

Online Return Process

You can return TVs from either by mail or to a Walmart store. Returns to a local store follow the same in-store return process detailed above.[6] To return a TV by mail, place it in its original packaging along with any accessories. You can log into your account to look up your order and print a prepaid return shipping label.[1] Find more details in our research on Walmart’s online return policy.

Note that if you bought a TV through a third-party marketplace seller, the seller sets the return policy, meaning there may be different requirements for things like damage or open-box returns.[7]

Damaged and Open-Box Returns

If you buy a TV online or in-store and find that it’s damaged or doesn’t work, you can return it with an open box and choose to receive either a refund or a replacement (as previously reported). You may also return a TV that you’ve plugged in and tested as long as you’re within the 30-day return period and you return the TV with its original packaging and all accessories.[3][8]

If you damage the TV yourself, you cannot return it with Walmart’s standard protection plan. However, its accidental plan will cover damage caused by dropping an item, a cracked screen, spills, and other liquid damage.[9]

There are occasions when you might purchase a TV and save it for a later date, such as when you’re buying it as a gift. If you do this, you should still open the packaging right away and inspect the TV for any damage. If you open the TV past the 30-day return period and find that it is damaged or defective, Walmart will deny the return.[3][1]

Refurbished TVs

Walmart follows the same policy for refurbished TVs as it does for new TVs — you can make a return within 30 days of purchase with the original receipt and packaging. If you ordered the TV online and it shipped from Walmart, you can return it in-store or by mail.[3]

Return policies for TVs purchased on and shipped from a third-party marketplace are set by the seller, not Walmart. However, Walmart does offer returns within 14 days of purchase.[7]


Walmart issues refunds to the original payment method within five business days of processing your return for in-store and online purchases. This includes purchases made with Walmart plastic and eGift Cards — the refund will appear on your original gift card.[10]


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  • John riachi

    Your information about about the return policy on TVs is incorrect. It is 30 days only (not 90 as stated above).

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Lindsey Desmet

      Hello, John! Walmart’s in-store return policy for TVs has actually reduced to a 30-day window as well. We have updated our article to reflect both policy changes. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

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