Walmart Wi-Fi Login Process: How to Use Walmart’s Free Wi-Fi

Exterior of a Walmart store

Does Walmart have Wi-Fi? Yes, virtually all Walmart stores offer Wi-Fi. Does Walmart have free Wi-Fi? Yes, it’s free. The network name is “Walmart Wi-Fi” and there is no password required. Walmart offers this service for its customers, guests, and associated. It also reserves the right to limit or restrict access to users who may be abusing the privilege.

How to Connect to Walmart Wi-Fi

Some Walmart stores have free Wi-Fi for customers, guests, and associates. You can connect to Walmart’s Wi-Fi on your phone or laptop by going to Settings and selecting Wi-Fi. If Wi-Fi is available at the Walmart location, “Walmart Wi-Fi” will be an option to select. Select Walmart Wi-Fi and your phone or laptop should automatically connect — no password is needed.

Wi-Fi is available inside Walmart stores. In our tests, the Wi-Fi signal did not reach to the parking lot at several locations. If you leave and re-enter a Walmart store, your phone or laptop likely saved the connection and will automatically reconnect. If your device doesn’t reconnect on its own, follow the steps listed above.

Walmart’s Internet Restrictions

When you access Walmart’s Wi-Fi, you’re agreeing to abide by Walmart’s Wi-Fi Terms of Use. This also means that you’re agreeing to allow Walmart to monitor your activity and content. Walmart reserves the right to limit or suspend users from this service for any reason, including accessing adult content or pornography, saving copyrighted material, and engaging in activity that harms another person or entity.

What Data Does Walmart Collect from Your Device

Walmart will track your location and collect some of your activity and content, such as the web pages you access. When you use Walmart Wi-Fi, Walmart may also be able to see your IP address, what device you’re using, and even who you are.

Walmart’s Wi-Fi Terms of Use limit when it can share your information with others. Walmart will share information it collects (1) with internet service provider, if needed to keep the internet working properly; (2) as required by law or government authorities; (3) if appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss; (4) if reasonably necessary to investigate or respond to illegal activity or a violation of the terms of use; (5) as needed to protect the vital interests of an individual; and (6) if Walmart sells or transfers all or a portion of its business or assets.


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