Wayfair Credit Card Approval Odds & Requirements Detailed

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Wayfair and Comenity Bank (which manages Wayfair’s credit account) don’t disclose specific credit approval requirements. When applying for a Wayfair credit card, your chances of approval depend on the overall health of your credit.

High account balances and delinquent accounts will decrease your chances of approval, while on-time payments and low revolving balances can increase them.

We explain more about how to determine your approval odds below.

Wayfair Credit Card Approval Odds & Requirements

Wayfair offers a store credit card that allows customers to open a line of credit with the store and earn special rewards.

For example, you’ll get $40 off your first order or $250 or more when you open the card. You’ll also get to choose between earning 3% back in Rewards Dollars on qualifying purchases or special financing periods.

Wayfair Card Application Process

Applying for a Wayfair Card is simple. You can start an application online¬†or apply over the phone by calling (866) 513-5795. You’ll need to submit some personal information, including your full name, address, Social Security number, and employment and income details.

Wayfair Credit Card Requirements for Approval

The Wayfair Card is backed by Comenity Bank, which determines the specific qualifications for credit and promotion eligibility. When you apply, Comenity will access and analyze your credit, including your account balances, payment history, and credit score, as disclosed in the financial terms of the account.

There is no set minimum credit score required for approval, and getting approved for a Wayfair Card will depend on the overall health of your credit history — not just the numerical score.

Customers report being approved for the card with credit scores in the fair to good range, but Comenity takes your entire credit history into account.

Factors that can decrease your odds of approval include:

  • High outstanding balances on current accounts
  • Multiple credit inquiries in a short period of time
  • Unpaid or delinquent accounts

On the other hand, having low balances on your accounts, a history of paying your bills on time, and good credit diversity can increase your odds of approval.

Depending on your individual circumstance, the bank may instantly pre-approve you for a Wayfair Card, or you may be subject to a seven- to 10-day waiting period. In some cases, the bank may contact you directly to ask for additional information and verification.

If you’re unable to get a Wayfair credit card, see our research on furniture stores with easy credit approval and how to use the Wayfair shopping cart trick for easier approval.


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