Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick: How to Use It & What to Know Beforehand

If you get a store credit card from Wayfair, you can take advantage of a number of perks such as $40 dollars off your first purchase at the store or 3% back in rewards. But what can you do if you know that your credit history is problematic and you think you’ll likely be denied?

There is hope! If you’re set on getting a Wayfair credit card, you can use the Wayfair shopping cart trick to apply for the card and get approved without a hard pull on your credit history. This means that the lender won’t fully review your credit history in the application process, which maximizes the chances you’ll get approved. Before you try the Wayfair shopping cart trick, read further for details on how to do this.

Things to Know Before Trying the Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick

Before you try the shopping cart trick, be aware of these three facts:

1. If you have one, you have to turn off your pop up blocker before you attempt the Wayfair shopping cart trick. An ad advertising the credit card will need to pop up for the trick to work, so if your ad blocker is on, you won’t have any luck. Cleaning your browser cache and history before attempting can also help you avoid glitches.

2. If at any point in the process you are asked to fill in your entire social security number, exit out immediately and do not proceed. Usually, when the application is not going to do a hard pull on your credit history, you should only be asked for the last four digits of the number.

3. The Wayfair shopping cart trick won’t work if you previously opted out of receiving credit card offers. Call (888) 567-8688 or visit www.optoutprescreen.com to opt back in.

How to Do the Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick

Here’s how to do the trick, step by step:

1. Register

Register for a store account on the Wayfair website by holding your mouse over “account” in the top right corner and then selecting “create an account” from the resulting pop-up. Then follow the instructions for the registration.

2. Add items to your cart

Select an item and add it to your cart. You won’t need to purchase the item but you do need an item in your cart for the Wayfair shopping cart trick to work. The system needs to think you’re planning to make a purchase in order to trigger an offer to sign up for their credit card.

3. Enter your purchase information

Proceed through the checkout process by filling out your name and address just as you would do if you were actually trying to purchase the item, but stop before entering any payment information or pressing the purchase button. Be very careful when entering all the information and do not use autofill. All the information must match the information on your credit report exactly.

4. Follow the instructions in the pop-up

As you go through steps one through three, you should see a pop-ad asking you to sign up for a Wayfair credit card. As long as you’re asked to enter only the last four digits of your social security number, follow the steps in the ad for the application process.

5. Double check errors

If this process does not work, make sure you entered all your information correctly and exactly as it appears on your credit report, including small details such as your middle initial or matching address abbreviations. Then try again later. Once you’re done with the application, you can clear out your shopping cart.

Is the Wayfair Shopping Cart Trick Right for You?

Wondering whether it’s a good idea to sign up for a credit card using the trick? Here’s what you should think about to before deciding whether the trick is right for you.

1. Credit card terms

Consider whether the Wayfair credit card is right for you before attempting the shopping cart trick. While there’s no annual fee when you sign up for the Wayfair credit card, there is a variable APR of around 28%. In general, store credit card APRs tend to be high and spending limits tend to be low. However, with the Wayfair credit card you will get $40 off your first order after sign up and 3% back in rewards. See more information about the credit card perks and the full credit card terms and conditions.

2. Credit score

Before you decide whether to try the shopping cart trick with Wayfair, remember that you’ll need to make your payments on time if you get approved. If you miss payments, you’ll go into (more) debt, and your credit score will go down. If you already have bad credit history, consider if getting another credit card is really right for you. Also remember that opening a new card, even without a hard pull on your credit, can initially lower your overall credit score. The age of your credit accounts is a factor used to calculate your credit score. However, if you can get the card and then make timely payments, this will improve your credit score over the long term.

In Summary

There’s no guarantee of success that the shopping cart trick will work for you at Wayfair. If it doesn’t work on your first try, double check that you followed all of our guidelines and make sure there are no typos in any of the information that you entered. For more information on Wayfair credit card approval odds, see our article.

You can also try the trick at a different store if you can’t get it to work at Wayfair. Most stores that allow the shopping cart trick have credit cards issued through Comenity Bank (this includes Wayfair), though a few use different banks for their credit cards. In all cases, you’ll need to follow the approximate steps outlined in this article as applicable to other stores. See our article, The Complete Shopping Cart Trick Stores List (+ Where It Won’t Work) for a list of other stores where you can use the shopping cart trick.

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