Companies and Websites Like Ipsy

If you love beauty, trying new things, and getting surprises in the mail, you need to know about other websites like Ipsy.

Ipsy is a totally personalized subscription box service that delivers monthly boxes filled with beauty products like lip gloss, moisturizer, makeup brushes, eyeshadow, and more. Loyal Ipsy customers cherish the chance to try out new products each month from the convenience of their homes. Subscribers also rave about the overall value they get by subscribing to Ipsy. For what most to consider a very reasonable price ($10 each month), Ipsy delivers full-sized products along with a cosmetics bag.

Ipsy is legit and worth it to many. Though are there sites similar to Ipsy?

Yes. Take a look at our list of the best sites like Ipsy; we’ve included Ipsy (#10) so you can compare it to everything else. If you either subscribe or have considered subscribing to Ipsy, it’s definitely worth considering the following companies/websites like Ipsy.

The Best Beauty Product Subscription Box Websites (Including Ipsy for Reference)

Allure Beauty Box

  • Price: $15/month or $165/year
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Samples come from a wide range of premium brands
  • What’s Inside: 5-6 deluxe-sized (at least three uses per sample) samples of cosmetics, bath products, skincare, and more, plus a mini magazine featuring product reviews
  • Pros: Editors at Allure personally test each item so you know you’re not just getting random samples. You’ll get a mini magazine with each box that gives you ideas on how to use your new products. All new members who sign up for the Allure Beauty Box will receive the exclusive Allure x Doucce Eye Shadow Palette, which will be shipped separately. Throughout the year, Allure will send an additional, seasonal eyeshadow color that can be added to your palette.
  • Cons: The products that you’ll be sent aren’t customizable to your skin tone, eye color, hair type, and so on; you get whatever the editors choose each month with no personalization.
  • Subscribe to Allure Beauty Box


  • Price: $24.95/month or $34.95 for a one-time purchase
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Number of Items: 6+ 
  • Variety: Professional grade, full and travel-sized products, spa exclusives
  • What’s Inside: Cosmetics, skincare and haircare products
  • Pros: BeautyFix’s boxes are very high value for what you pay; you’ll usually get at least $100 of products for a quarter of the price. BeautyFix includes more haircare products than other beauty boxes.
  • Cons: If you prefer makeup and skincare, the higher ratio of hair products in BeautyFix’s boxes may be a negative for you.
  • Subscribe to BeautyFix


  • Price: $10/month or $110/year, $20/month or $110/6 months for Birchbox Man
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Samples tailored to preferences set in user’s profile
  • What’s Inside: 5 samples of skincare, haircare, bath & body, cosmetics, or fragrance products for men or women
  • Pros: Samples from the famous Birchbox range from familiar products to emerging brands. Review the samples you receive for Birchbox points; when you get to 50, you’ll get $5 to spend on any full-size product.
  • Cons: Not everything in your beauty box is actually beauty-related. Birchbox also includes items like stationary from time to time.
  • Subscribe to Birchbox or Birchbox Man


  • Price: $21/month; $59/three months; $116/six months; $231/12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Makeup, skin care, beauty tools, and cosmetics from high-end brands, emerging to established
  • What’s Inside: Five full-size and luxury travel-size products
  • Pros: Sample size too small? BoxyCharm sends you only full-size products and even includes tutorials on their website for how to use each of them. You’ll be getting $100 worth of goods for only $21 per box, and you’ll get LOTS of full-size makeup products.
  • Cons: No personalization or customization is available.
  • Subscribe to BoxyCharm

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  • Price: $20/month, $112/6 months, $220/12 months
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Full size and deluxe sample size products for women of color
  • What’s Inside: Five to eight skin care, hair care, fragrance, nail and lifestyle products
  • Pros: Cocotique wants to help you discover “your ultimate beauty arsenal” by curating the best in beauty and lifestyle products for women of color, so you don’t waste time or money on products that don’t suit your unique needs. Plus, included with every subscription, you’ll get a 12-month subscription to Essence Magazine. You can even purchase full-size products from the Cocotique shop if you loved something you tried from the box.
  • Cons: If you aren’t a woman of color, Cocotique’s products may not be right for your skin and hair.
  • Subscribe to Cocotique


  • Price: $21.00/box for one month; $19.50/box for three months; $18.50/box for six months; $17.50/box for 12 months (one year)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Skincare, hair care, and cosmetics from niche, high-end, and emerging brands; some you’ll have heard of, others will be new
  • What’s Inside: Five or more beauty products each month, including at least two full-size products
  • Pros: Glossybox offers a lot of variety in their boxes; you’ll get a good mix of hair care, skincare, and cosmetics from high-end, niche, and emerging brands. Glossybox also offers single gift boxes and gift subscriptions.
  • Cons: No customization or personalization is available.
  • Subscribe to Glossybox

Glowing Beets

  • Price: $30
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Non-toxic, cruelty-free cosmetics, bath products, skincare, and hair care from brands focused on natural ingredients and kindness to animals.
  • What’s Inside: Three to four deluxe-sized or full-sized samples.
  • Pros: All beauty products from Glowing Beets are non-toxic and cruelty-free. To receive 10% off your first box, you can sign up for Glowing Beets newsletter from their main site page.
  • Cons: A higher price than you might expect for just three or four items.
  • Subscribe to Glowing Beets

Ipsy GlamBag

  • Price: $10
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Brands included in your bag are a mix of high-end, mid-range and drugstore brands, so expect to get some cheaper makeup along with the good stuff.
  • What’s Inside: Five deluxe sample-size or full-size beauty and makeup samples
  • Pros: Ipsy GlamBag is personally curated by beauty expert and YouTube vlogger Michelle Phan; think of it as a customized mix tape of beauty products made just for you by a friend in the know. You’ll get your items in a new makeup bag every month, and the items will be personalized, taking into consideration the colors you like to wear, your skin type, your hair type, and so on.
  • Cons: Some of the makeup you receive will be drugstore brands; it’s not all high-end.
  • Subscribe to Ipsy GlamBag

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NewBeauty TestTube

  • Price: $29.95 a box plus $8.95 shipping (delivered bimonthly)
  • Frequency: Bimonthly
  • Variety: High-end and niche brands of skincare, hair care, cosmetics, and more, almost certainly new to all but the most expert beauty gurus
  • What’s Inside: 10 or more full-size and deluxe-size beauty products including skincare, hair care, cosmetics, and more
  • Pros: Many full-size and deluxe-size products will arrive in your mailbox every other month from NewBeauty TestTube, one of the original beauty subscription boxes. This is the best value beauty subscription box available, considering that you’ll receive more than $150 in value for a fifth of the price.
  • Cons: NewBeauty TestTube tends to repeat products over time, so if you’ve been a subscriber for a while, you may get the same item(s) more than once.
  • Subscribe to NewBeauty TestTube

Petit Vour

  • Price: $15 a month ($23 a month to Canada)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: A wide selection of niche brands that focus on non-toxic vegan beauty products
  • What’s Inside: Around four full-size natural beauty products in many categories including cosmetics, skincare, hair car, fragrance, sunscreen, deodorant, shaving products, and more
  • Pros: If you like quality over quantity and vegan, all-natural, non-toxic beauty products are important to you, Petit Vour may be perfect for you. Petit Vour usually sends out full-size or deluxe-size items.
  • Cons: These items may be difficult to find elsewhere at reasonable prices if you get hooked as all brands are niche, vegan-specific companies.
  • Subscribe to Petit Vour

PLAY! by Sephora

  • Price: $19.95 a month (Extra $12 for Canada, Extra $18 for International)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Tons of variety, but nothing you wouldn’t expect to find at your local Sephora; this box just gives you the chance to explore brands you’ve never tried before.
  • What’s Inside: Five deluxe samples in a reusable beauty bag
  • Pros: The extensive waitlist on this long-awaited box from Sephora is finally gone, so now you actually can subscribe. Each box includes a PLAY! Book so you can learn tips on how to use your new beauty goodies. You’ll also get free one-on-one tutorials and access to subscriber meetings at your local Sephora.
  • Cons: The PLAY! box is in very high demand, so even though some may be able to subscribe right away, current demand may influence your ability to begin subscribing right away.
  • Subscribe to PLAY! by Sephora

Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

  • Price: $22.95 a month; $120 for six months; $222 for 12 months (one year)
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Variety: Even if you’ve been exploring vegan beauty for years, you’re unlikely to be familiar with all the up-and-coming vegan beauty products you’ll be offered here from tons of different brands.
  • What’s Inside: Four to seven vegan beauty products (including cosmetics) for your skin, hair, and nails (at least one or two will be full-size, and those that aren’t are deluxe size samples — no single use sachets)
  • Pros: The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is filled with cruelty-free, vegan, mostly natural and always paraben-free cosmetics and skincare. Typical boxes contain products with a total retail value of $40-$60 (sometimes even more!) Your subscription doesn’t automatically renew, making it a perfect option for the forgetful animal lover. Vegan Cuts also offers a quarterly Makeup Box subscription and a monthly Snackbox subscription.
  • Cons: Boxes aren’t customizable; you get what you get.
  • Subscribe to Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Walmart Beauty Box

  • Price: $5, delivered quarterly
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Variety: Mainstream, recognizable, low-cost brands like Ponds, Covergirl, and Jergens; you’ll get a variety of products for hair care, skincare, and cosmetics.
  • What’s Inside: A few sample size and full-size items, usually worth at least 2-3 times what you’re paying.
  • Pros: By far the lowest cost option on our list, the Walmart Beauty Box is affordable for practically everyone. Everything you get in your box will be a sample from a mainstream brand that you can find at your local Walmart store, so if adventuresome beauty products aren’t for you, this might be your beauty box.
  • Cons: It’s Walmart. You’re not going to be getting high-end products or a lot of new, innovative brands you’ve never heard of before. (You also won’t be paying a high price.)
  • Subscribe to Walmart Beauty Box

In Summary

Whether you’re hoping to find new cruelty-free, 100% vegan cosmetics, love trying high-end makeup brands, or just love opening attractive packages filled with beauty products, there’s probably a beauty subscription box that fits you.

Without even leaving your house, you can sample beauty products from new or trusted brands and purchase full-size items later when you find products that you really love. You’ll spend less time at the makeup counter and less money on items that you’re not yet sure if you’ll enjoy. Best of all, opening the mailbox will be a lot more exciting.

We hope you’ve enjoyed browsing these websites like Ipsy.

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