17 Websites Like PINCHme: BzzzAgent? Smiley360? Influenster? etc

Who doesn’t like free stuff? PINCHme and websites like PINCHme give out free samples of new and popular products in exchange for your opinions and feedback. Read on to find out how PINCHme works and to discover other sites where you can get free products, gift cards, or even cash!

How PINCHme Works

When you sign up for PINCHme, you’re given the opportunity to receive free samples of household products, food and drink items, personal care products, and pet products. It’s free to join — just sign up with your email or Facebook account and answer a few simple questions about your household.

PINCHme posts free sample offers to their website on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. EST. You can find out when the next free samples are available on the homepage of the PINCHme website. Once the sample offers are posted, simply claim the ones you want and they’ll be mailed to you free of charge. Keep in mind that they have a limited number of samples and they’re claimed quickly, so you’ll want to log in as close to the posting time as possible for the best selection.

Once you receive the samples, use the products and log in to PINCHme to offer your feedback and opinions. And that’s it! You can create your free PINCHme account  (scroll down to the Join PINCHme section).

Websites like PINCHme

PINCHme isn’t the only website where you can get free stuff. There are lots of sites like PINCHme offering everything from free products, prizes, and gift cards to cold, hard cash — often just for answering a few questions.

Get Free Stuff for Product Reviews

1. BzzAgent

  • What you get: A wide range of free products tailored to your personal interests
  • How you get it: Sign up for BzzAgent and fill out brief surveys to be matched with products. When you receive products, share your opinions with friends and family in person and on social media
  • How much can you get: The more you participate in talking about the products you receive, the more (and cooler) free stuff you’ll get. Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to boost your scores and earn better free products to buzz about.
  • Create a free account on BzzAgent

2. Influenster

  • What you get: A huge range of free products, including home, health, family, pets, tech and electronics, arts and entertainment, food and beverages, and beauty products
  • How you get it: Join the Influenster community of 4 million-plus and start interacting with followers and companies, writing product reviews, and being active on social media
  • How much can you get: The more active you are with Influenster, the better your chances of scoring a free sample box (“VoxBox”) to review. Learn more about qualifying for a VoxBox in this article from Influenster.
  • Join Influenster with your Facebook, Instagram, or email account

Want to see a list exclusive to places very, very similar to Influenster? Here’s our article on that.

3. Smiley360

  • What you get: Free full-sized household and grocery products
  • How you get it: Join the Smiley360 community for free and fill out your profiles with your interests to be matched with Smiley Missions (free products to try). When you qualify, you’ll be expected to review and offer feedback on the products you receive.
  • How much can you get: You’ll improve your chances of qualifying for free products if you have a decent social media reach, are active in the community, or perform extra tasks like referring friends to Smiley360.
  • Create your free Smiley360 account with email, Facebook, or Twitter (click on Create Account at the top right)

Get Free Stuff for Online Surveys

4. Branded Surveys

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal or ACH transfer, or gift cards
  • How you get it: Via PayPal or ACH transfer
  • How much you can get: At a minimum, if you complete only the daily poll, you’ll get $10 about every three months. If you complete surveys and offers, you can make much more.
  • Sign up for BrandedSurveys

5. Crowdology

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal or Amazon vouchers (gift cards)
  • How you get it: Complete online surveys that are matched to your lifestyle and interests
  • How much can you get: Each survey pays out $0.40-$10 or more, depending on the length and subject. You can cash out via PayPal or Amazon gift card each time you reach $8 in survey earnings.
  • Create a free Crowdology account

6. GlobalTestMarket

  • What you get: Points that you can redeem for cash via PayPal, or for gift cards/merchandise at major online retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and more. You can also donate your earnings to charities such as UNICEF.
  • How you get it: Complete online surveys
  • How much can you get: Earn $50 for every 1,100 points
  • Register on the GlobalTestMarket website

7. Inbox Dollars

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal
  • How you get it: Completing online surveys, watching videos, reading emails, shopping online, and signing up for offers. Up to four new short surveys are offered daily, along with additional opportunities.
  • How much can you get: $5 sign-up bonus, plus per-task payments of $0.50-$10. Cash out when your account reaches $30 or more.
  • Create a free Inbox Dollars account

8. Ipsos i-Say

  • What you get: Points which can be redeemed for cash, free products, and gift cards. i-Say also holds regular contests and sweepstakes drawings for vacations, luxury gift packages, and more.
  • How you get it: Completing surveys and polls, entering drawings, and more.
  • How much can you get: Earn $15 for every 1,500 points
  • Complete the i-Say signup form

9. OnePoll

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal
  • How you get it: Complete short surveys that take around three minutes each
  • How much can you get: $5 signup bonus plus the opportunity to earn referral bonuses. Typically surveys are worth $0.25-$1, although a few pay $3-$5. Cash out when you’ve earned $65 or more.
  • Complete the online application for OnePoll

10. Swagbucks

  • What you get: Points you can exchange for cash via PayPal or gift cards to online retailers like Amazon and Walmart
  • How you get it: In addition to taking surveys, watching videos, signing up for offers, and reading emails, Swagbucks lets you earn points for things you already do online, such as shopping and using search engines. A browser integration tool identifies opportunities to earn Swagbucks points on the websites you visit.
  • How much can you get: Earn approximately $1 for every 100 points
  • Create a free Swagbucks account

11. YouGov

  • What you get: Cash or gift cards to hundreds of retailers and restaurants including Best Buy, Gamestop, Applebee’s, Kmart, Macy’s, Michael’s, Nike, Sears, Target, Groupon, Chili’s, Amazon, Walmart, and more.
  • How you get it: Answer surveys and poll questions online to earn points
  • How much can you get: $50 for every 5,000 points
  • Join free with your email or Facebook account

Get Free Stuff for Secret Shopping

12. Field Agent

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal or Dwolla
  • How you get it: Select jobs which involve visiting stores in your area and collect photos, videos, and information. Once you select a job, you have two hours to complete it.
  • How much can you get: $3 -$12 per job
  • Download the Field Agent app for iPhone or the Field Agent app for Android and follow the instructions in the app.

13. Ibotta

  • What you get: Cash back on purchases
  • How you get it: Download the app, signup, then look for cash back offers. Add offers to your shopping list. To redeem the offers, either link your store reward card (e.g., the Kroger Shopper’s Card) to get cash back added to your account automatically or scan your receipt after shopping.
  • How much you get: A $10 sign up bonus, then about 25 cents to $1 per offer
  • Download Ibotta

14. Receipt Hog

  • What you get: Cash or Amazon gift cards
  • How you get it: Scan your receipts from any store, restaurant, or café to earn coins, or to earn in-app slot machine spins that award extra coins, bonuses, and more. You can also complete short in-app surveys for additional coins.
  • How much can you get: $5 for every 1,000 coins
  • Download the Receipt Hog app (Android only)

Get Free Stuff for Installing Apps

15. Nielsen Panel

  • What you get: Cash, rewards, and sweepstakes entries
  • How you get it: Install the Nielsen app on your computer and other devices, where it runs in the background and tracks your internet usage
  • How much can you get: Up to $50 per year for normal computer and device usage, plus opportunities for additional rewards and giveaway drawings (Nielsen gives away approximately $10,000 per month in cash and prizes).
  • Fill out the online application

16. Slidejoy by ScreenPay

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal or gift cards
  • How you get it: Install the Slidejoy app to have ads and offers displayed on your phone’s lock screen (available for Android only). You don’t have to click on the ads — simply having them displayed earns you money. Remember that you can shut off the app’s data permissions if you’re worried about it using too much data or battery.
  • How much can you get: $1 signup bonus and approximately $3 a month for passive ad displays
  • Get Slidejoy

17. Smart Panel

  • What you get: Cash via PayPal
  • How you get it: Install the Smart Panel app on your phone, which runs in the background and collects anonymous data from your device. The app must be installed and active on at least one device you own in order to earn money
  • How much can you get: $5 signup bonus and $5 for every installed month thereafter, with loyalty bonuses every three months
  • Fill out the short qualifying questionnaire online to download the app

In Summary

If you like free stuff, you can get free products, rewards, gift cards, and even cash for your opinions and feedback on lots of websites like PINCHme. Signing up is usually fast and simple, and earning money on these sites usually takes a few minutes of your time. Keep in mind that it may take a while to earn points, prizes, and cash — but with a little patience, you can turn your spare time into free stuff!

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