Western Union Check Cashing Policy Explained (+ Where Else to Go)

Western Union has 500,000 agent locations and 100,000 ATMs and kiosks in over 200 countries and territories. Transactions can take place in over 130 currencies. Western Union offers nearly instant delivery of cash. Despite an impressive variety of services, Western Union doesn’t cash checks. Here are the details, and which services they do provide.

Does Western Union Cash Checks?

No, Western Union does not offer any check cashing services. WU doesn’t even cash personal checks. This information is not directly stated on the Western Union website, but we contacted a representative at Western Union to be certain that this was the policy across all Western Union offices.

Keep in mind that while Western Union itself does not offer check cashing, the company has partnered with numerous grocery stores and retailers who do offer check cashing. For example, Kroger grocery stores provide Western Union services as well as check cashing. While Western Union won’t cash your check, you may still be able to get a check cashed at the same place that you use Western Union’s financial services.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Check Cashed?

Depending on the option you choose, fees range from free up to 5% of the amount of your check. Some places have a flat fee while others use a percentage, and still others charge both a flat rate and a percentage amount combined.

A study by Tufts University, “The Cost of Cash in the United States,” states that the average American family spends about $1,739 a year on getting cash. Check cashing outside the banking system is obviously very costly and expensive.

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What Is the Process for Cashing a Check?

The easiest and most inexpensive method for cashing your check is to deposit it into your bank account using a teller, your smartphone, or an ATM. Otherwise, with the required forms of IDs, you can cash your check at any check cashing location by providing your ID, the check, and payment of the required fees.

You need an ID to cash a check, whether it is for a bank account, check cashing place, grocery store, convenience store, etc. Your ID must be issued by the government to be accepted as a valid form of identification. Drivers licenses, passports, military IDs, national IDs or other current government IDs are generally accepted at check cashing locations. Some places also require a second form of ID, such as a birth certificate, telephone bill, credit card or other “official” form of ID with your name and mailing address on it. This is especially true if you are cashing a large check (for example, an amount over $1,000).

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Other Places to Cash a Check

For a complete list of other businesses that will cash a check, see our article, Check Cashing Place near Me. Generally, banks allow you to deposit or cash a check for free if you have an account. If you’re not a customer, banks will charge a fee if the check is drawn on an account from another bank. If it’s drawn on an account that belongs to one of their own customers, they might cash it for you for free.

Check cashing stores charge high rates, but will cash almost any type of check. The average rates at check cashing places range between 1% and 10%. Check cashing places rarely post their rates online due to competition. To find out the current rates, contact your local check cashing places. If you’re cashing a large check, we recommend calling ahead to verify that the location has enough cash available, even if there’s no maximum check amount.

The happy in-between? Grocery stores, who have more affordable fees, but are more limited than check cashing stores in the check types and sizes they can cash. For grocery stores that cash checks, see our article Grocery Stores That Cash Checks: Personal, Payroll, Insurance, etc.

In Summary

Does Western Union cash checks? Western Union offers numerous important financial services to its customers — but not check cashing. If you have a check from Western Union, or from some other business, see our article for places that will assist you with your check cashing needs: Check Cashing Place near Me? Each Place Listed: Kmart, Kroger, etc.


  • You couldn’t answer that question because of the high volume of mail you receive? Seriously? Anyway, how can you explain the fact that, over a number of years and at numerous locations, I have cashed many checks at Western Union?

    • Kathleen Wilson says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Jessica,
      While we do reply to every comment we receive, we don’t have the capacity to reply to location-specific inquiries. So, if someone has a question about a store policy that other people would also find useful, we always try our best to give them an answer that helps clarify their question. If the question is specific to a particular location, we try to provide contact information or additional resources that people can use to find further information for that question. Western Union’s policy is that they don’t cash check at stand alone Western Union stores; however, if you come across a Western Union inside of a Kroger or Walmart or other large store that partners with Western Union, they often are able to cash checks.

  • Scott Chandler says:

    I have $1500 Bill Pay Check with me and i wanted to know where to cash this Check? Please Advice.

    • Sarah Quinn says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff


      You’ll find a list of check cashing locations above, including banks, convenience stores, grocery stores, and more in our article above. Please choose one which is located close to you and call ahead to make sure that they’ll be able to meet your needs; if not a member of a bank, you can expect to pay a fee, and you’ll likely pay at least a small fee almost anywhere you cash the check as well. I hope this helps!

  • Sunshine says:

    I am going to be getting a cashiers check for $80,000.
    I want to cash check for $20,000 in cash and get the remainder in cashiers check for $10,000 each . Where can I go? I live in San Francisco

    • Sarah Quinn says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff


      Unfortunately, due to the volume of comments we receive, we are not able to help with specific, individual requests. I recommend contacting one of the banks or other locations mentioned in this article that’s located near you to find out what services they can offer you for cashing your cashier’s check. I hope this helps!