What Does BNZ Mean on Jewelry? Jewelry Marks Explained

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What does BNZ mean on jewelry? If you have the letters “BNZ” marked on a piece of jewelry, it probably indicates who made it and where it was made. However, you probably won’t be able to correctly identify it without taking the piece or a picture of the piece to a pawn shop or expert jeweler. For more details, see below.

What Does “BNZ” Mean on Jewelry?

The letters “BNZ” marked on a piece of jewelry is most likely a maker’s mark, which identifies the particular company that crafted a piece. However, it’s impossible to determine what the letters mean without examining the piece itself.

We began our search for the meaning behind this particular marking by reviewing jewelry websites and contacting jewelers. We called Carroll’s Jewelers, a high-end jeweler located in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., that has been in business for more than 70 years. An appraiser said he didn’t know what the letters meant, adding that since a lot of manufacturers are now out of business, maker’s marks can be difficult to identify. The appraiser suggested we contact Lang Antiques in San Francisco.

Lang Antiques bills itself as having the “largest and most unique collection of antique jewelry in the USA.” It also maintains the Antique Jewelry University, an online repository of jewelry information stretching back approximately 500 years. We examined its database of maker’s marks and its collection of jewelry hallmarks. Hallmarks provide information about the type of metal used in a piece of jewelry. We failed to find “BNZ” as a maker’s mark or a hallmark, so we called Lang Antiques and spoke with a store associate. While she was able to check a number of additional catalogs, she could not find the meaning of “BNZ,” noting that without actually looking at the piece, marks can be difficult to research.

We asked the Lang Antiques associate what you can do to find more information about a piece of jewelry with the letters “BNZ” on it. She suggested taking the piece to a pawn shop for identification since pawn shops see a wide range of items and brands. She also said that multigenerational jewelers might be able to help, but national chains and small, relatively new establishments would probably lack the necessary expertise.

In Summary

While the letters “BNZ” on a piece of jewelry likely indicate who made it, it’s impossible to tell for sure without examining the piece itself. You may want to take your piece to a pawn shop or jewelry expert for further information. For more on jewelry, see our articles: 925 Stamp on Jewelry That’s Gold: Its Value + More (You’ll Be Shocked) and Is Gold Plated Jewelry Worth Anything? Is It Real Gold? Answered.


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