What Is Quadruple Plate Silver Worth? (& Where to Sell It)

Quadruple plate silver flatware and other silver dining items on a table

Short Answer

Quadruple plate silver holds little to no worth on the scrap market or in pawnshops. However, if you have quadruple silver plate household items like flatware in a desirable pattern, they may be worth anywhere from under $100 up to several thousand dollars to a collector or antique dealer. Pieces dated before 1880 may also have a higher worth.

What Is Quadruple Plate Silver Worth?

At scrap yards and pawn shops, quadruple plate silver is worth virtually nothing. Plated silver is silver that has been electroplated over a less expensive metal like copper or nickel.

Standard silver plating is 0.0003 inches thick; quadruple plate silver, as the name implies, is four times as thick: 0.0012 inches. However, this is still not enough silver to make it worth the process of scraping it off or melting it away for scrap.

Pawnshops are typically not interested in silver-plated items, either. We contacted scrap yards and pawn shops in Missouri, Rhode Island, Texas, and West Virginia and found that they do not buy quadruple plate silver.

Valuable Quadruple Plate Silver Items

Quadruple plate silver may have value in the form of holloware or flatware — its value varies widely based on the item’s age, condition, and whether or not the brand/style is collectible. If your items date before 1880, they may be worth more.

To begin determining the worth, you should start by identifying the manufacturer and production date. You can search for similar pieces online; many bookstores and libraries also have books on antique silver and flatware that can help you find a match.

Antique dealers can assist in assessing and assigning a value to your items, but be aware that some dealers may charge for this service.

We contacted antique dealers in California, Georgia, and Michigan to find out more about quadruple plate silver. We were told that the most valuable collectible items are quadruple plate silver holloware pieces that match a flatware (silverware) pattern.

Quadruple plate silver holloware with patterns matching items sold in .925 silver can also be valuable. (See our related research for more information about .925 silver.)

There are about 5,000 different silver-plated flatware patterns; about 300 of these patterns are valuable to collectors who have items with the same pattern and wish to add to their set.

Most quadruple plate silver items, such as dishes and serving items, sell for under $100. However, depending on the particular item and its condition, it may be worth up to several thousand dollars.

Identifying Silver-Plated Items

Since 1860, pieces made of solid silver have been stamped as “sterling.” If your silver is not stamped, it is probably plated.

Sterling silver may also be stamped with “925,” a lion’s head, or another sterling identification mark.

There is no standard system of stamps and markings for plated silver, so it may be difficult to determine the origin. However, many manufacturers now include a “quadruple plate” mark on their items.

Where to Sell Quadruple Plate Silver

Once you determine their value, you have a few options for selling your quadruple silver plate items:

  • Sell directly to a buyer using a website like eBay or Facebook Marketplace
  • Sell to a specialized online buyer, such as SilverPlateBuyers.com
  • Sell to an independent collector or antique dealer in your area. Antique malls near you may also house dealers willing to purchase your items.
  • If you have many items to sell, consider having a garage sale or estate sale.

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