What Time Does Global Cash Card Deposit Money? Answered

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Short Answer

Global Cash Card usually deposits money from employers and government agencies into your account two business days after it receives the funds. If your payment has been delayed, you should check with the payor. Funds transferred through Western Union, MoneyGram, and Ingo Money will generally reach your account within one business day. For more information on Global Cash Card’s deposit times, see below.

What Time Does Global Cash Card Deposit Money?

The timing of Global Cash Card deposits mostly depends on when your employer or the government agency sending you a payment moves funds into your Global Cash Card account. Because the deposit depends on the payor, the direct deposit time and availability of funds vary. We spoke with multiple Global Cash Card customer service representatives to confirm this information.

Representatives explained that the company generally deposits government benefits and direct deposit funds into customers’ accounts two business days after the payor moves money to the Global Cash Card. Funds may appear in your account earlier than this, but deposits can also occasionally be delayed; representatives couldn’t provide us any further details as to what might cause a delay.

If your payment is delayed, you should direct questions to your employer or the applicable government agency, customer service representatives said.

Cash Loads and Money Transfers

Cash that you load onto your Global Cash Card usually clears more consistently than employer or government deposits. If you choose to deposit cash or transfer money through MoneyGram, Western Union, or the Ingo Money app, it will generally be credited to your Global Cash Card within 24 business hours.

To receive your money as soon as possible, Global Cash Card recommends making your transfers during the workweek. Keep in mind that you may be charged fees when using these services. Additionally, the Global Cash Card FAQ explains that deposit times may vary when using Ingo Money.

Withdrawals and Balance Checks

You can check your balance and find participating banks to withdraw your funds by calling Global Cash Card customer service at (888) 220-4477. You can also check your balance online or by enrolling in Global Cash Card’s two-way text service, and can withdraw funds at a Global Cash Card ATM. Keep in mind that you may need to present ID to withdraw funds from your Global Cash Card.

More Information

For information about other payment card processors’ deposit times, check out our research on RushCard, Emerald Card, Walmart MoneyCard, and Green Dot.


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