What Time Does Money Go on the ReliaCard? Answered

U.S. Bank ReliaCard app icon on a smarthphone screen

Short Answer

While exact ReliaCard deposit times vary by state, deposits typically take about two business days until they’re accessible on your card.

What Time Does Money Go on the ReliaCard?

ReliaCard does not have one set deposit time. Government agencies (in partnership with ReliaCard’s issuer, U.S. Bank) use ReliaCards to distribute payments; unlike typical debit cards, individuals can’t deposit funds into their ReliaCard.[1]

Since only the state can deposit funds into your card, your deposit details will vary depending on your specific benefit program’s disbursement policy.

Once submitted by the payor, deposits into ReliaCard accounts take about two business days to post. You may notice longer wait times around weekends and holidays.[2]

Our related research details when each state pays unemployment benefits — one of the most common types of ReliaCard deposit.

Remember that your deposit will be available about two days past the deposit date. So, for example, if your state pays unemployment benefits the day after your weekly certification, your ReliaCard deposit will post about three days after certification.

You can sign up to receive email or text alerts when your funds are posted by creating or logging into your ReliaCard account.


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