What Time Does Dollar General Direct Deposit? Answered

Sign on the side of a Dollar General store

Dollar General pays weekly and doesn’t withhold checks, but it does not provide a specific time that you can expect to receive your deposit.

To determine the timing of Dollar General’s direct deposits, we contacted the company’s payroll department. We were told that Dollar General offers two methods of direct deposit: regular direct deposit into a bank account or deposit through Money Network’s ePay system.

Bank Deposits

With regular bank direct deposits, Dollar General promises to pay the previous week’s work on the following Friday.

The payroll department was unable to provide us with a specific time that the deposit will process each Friday.


With Money Network’s ePay system, the funds may reach your account sooner than a bank deposit. Money Network can often deposit paychecks 48 hours early.

For Dollar General employees, this means you might receive your deposit on Wednesday rather than Friday. However, some circumstances, such as submitting hours late, can lead to delays.

Money Network’s ePay system is designed for people who do not have a bank account. Your payment will deposit to a Money Network prepaid debit card.

Though some transactions may incur fees, Money Network doesn’t charge any application or monthly service fees. Dollar General’s employee FAQ explains more about the ePay system.

More Information

For more information about Dollar General, see our research about the company’s policies on cash back, money orders, taking checks, and accepting WIC.

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