What Time Does Walmart MoneyCard Process Deposits? Answered

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Walmart MoneyCard does not have a single time at which it processes direct deposits. It will credit your Walmart MoneyCard account as soon as it receives payment instructions from your employer.

Customer service representatives are unable to provide more exact timetables because payment timing depends on a few factors:

  • When the payor submits direct deposit information to the bank
  • Whether the payor submits direct deposit information at the same time during each pay period
  • Whether the direct deposit is from an employer or for government benefits

The Walmart MoneyCard offers ASAP Direct Deposit, meaning you can receive payment from private companies up to two days prior to your regularly scheduled payday.

In the case of government benefits, your deposit may post up to four days before you normally receive your benefits, as noted on the Walmart MoneyCard website.

However, keep in mind that you will only receive the deposits early if your employer or benefits provider sends payment instructions before the actual payday.

Tracking Walmart MoneyCard Deposits

You can receive instant alerts that tell you when you’ve received a direct deposit. To keep track of your balance and receive deposit notifications, get the Walmart MoneyCard mobile app for iOS or Android.

If a deposit does not post as expected, you will need to contact your employer or benefits provider for a trace number. You can then contact the Walmart MoneyCard customer care department at (877) 937-4098 and provide the trace number to find out when you can expect the deposit to process.

More Information About the Walmart MoneyCard

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