Burlington Restocking Schedule (Both In Stores & Online)

Exterior of a Burlington store

Short Answer

Most Burlington stores restock two to three times a week — and some locations restock daily. Exact restocking schedules vary by location.

When Does Burlington Restock?

Burlington stores restock frequently, customer service representatives at various store locations said.

The most common days for new shipments are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but not all Burlington stores have the same shipment schedule. Some popular locations get new items more often and are able to restock daily.

While Burlington store associates won’t know what’s arriving in the next shipment, you can get a general idea of the best days to shop for new items by contacting your nearest Burlington.

Burlington, formerly called Burlington Coat Factory, is a discount retail chain with prices up to 65% off standard department store prices. Burlington sells coats, clothing, handbags, accessories, shoes, children’s items, home goods and more.

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