When Does HomeGoods Restock? New Shipment Schedule Explained

HomeGoods storefront

Short Answer

HomeGoods stores add new stock several times each week. However, the frequency and exact days shipments will be received vary by location.

When Does HomeGoods Restock?

HomeGoods stores get new shipments several times each week, according to the retailer’s website.

HomeGoods sells furniture and home decor at discounted prices, often 20 to 60% off retail. Each delivery brings thousands of new items to store locations.

To find out more about HomeGoods’ restocking schedule, we spoke with store associates at various locations.

We found that exact shipment dates vary by location. HomeGoods stores inside T.J. Maxx locations usually get new shipments two to three times per week. Standalone HomeGoods stores tend to get more frequent deliveries — sometimes every day.

Store associates said new merchandise is made available as quickly as possible. You can usually find new items on the sales floor the day after a shipment arrives.

For specifics, contact your local HomeGoods directly.


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