Marshalls Restocking Schedule (Both In Stores & Online)

Marshalls off-price retailer storefront

Short Answer

Most Marshalls stores receive new merchandise shipments multiple times a week. Receiving schedules will vary by store, but all Marshalls make an effort to have new items on the sales floor by the next day.

When Does Marshalls Restock?

Shipment schedules to Marshalls stores vary, but most locations get new items multiple times a week, customer service representatives said. Some stores even get deliveries every day.

When a shipment comes in, Marshalls employees make an effort to have everything from the truck on the sales floor by the time the store opens the next day.

Contact your nearest Marshalls to find out which days it typically receives shipments and plan your visit for the next day to see the newest items.

Unlike full-price department stores, Marshalls doesn’t buy goods seasonally. Instead, it purchases new stock all the time.

The merchandise it buys may be overstock items, overproduced goods, or a canceled order from another retailer. This allows Marshalls to restock often and sell its merchandise at generously discounted prices.

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