When Does Ross Restock/Get New Shipments? Solved

Ross Dress for Less storefront

Most Ross Dress for Less store locations receive new shipments daily Monday through Friday and restock whenever new merchandise comes in. Some stores also receive shipments on Saturdays. For the full details of Ross’ restocking schedule, see below.

When Does Ross Restock?

Most Ross Dress for Less store locations get shipments five days a week, Monday through Friday, store associates said. We contacted various Ross stores across multiple states including Arizona, California, Florida, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wyoming. Some locations also receive shipments on Saturdays. Shipments typically arrive in the morning or afternoon. All of the stores we contacted said they restock as soon as new merchandise comes in, so you can expect to see new items on the sales floor at Ross between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. five to six days a week.

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In Summary

When does Ross restock? What day does Ross restock? How often does Ross restock? Now you know. Most Ross Dress for Less stores receive new shipments Monday through Friday, with some receiving additional shipments on Saturdays. Ross stores restock as soon as new merchandise arrives. For more on Ross’ store policies, see our articles: Ross Senior Discount Day: Everything to Know, Ross Employee Discount Policy, and Does Ross Accept Apple Pay? In-Store Payment Options Listed. In case you’re curious, here’s when Burlington restocks and when HomeGoods restocks.


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