When Does Target Restock (Online & In-Store)? Answered

With more than 1,800 stores in the U.S., Target doesn’t have a universal restocking schedule. Rather, specific store locations and items are restocked at various times based on manufacturer availability, demand, and other factors. When does Target restock online and in-store? Here’s what to know…

When Does Target Restock In Stores?

As a nationwide retail chain, Target restocks its stores on a rotating schedule that varies by store. There is no one, universal day of the week on which all Target stores restock, a corporate customer service representative told us.

Individual departments also have specific restocking requirements, and even the time of day when restocking duties are performed will vary both by location and department. For example, the grocery department may receive more regular shipments than the women’s clothing department.

The best way to determine when the Target store nearest you will restock is to contact the store directly. It may be helpful to have a specific product type or department in mind when calling for details.

New product lines are rolled out to Target stores on a seasonal and contract basis. For instance, winter clothing like boots, hats, and gloves will hit the shelves toward the beginning of fall. Again, these launches vary based on location.

When Does Target Restock Online?

Just like its brick-and-mortar locations, there’s no particular day of the week when Target restocks its online inventory. Rather, specific back-ordered items will be replenished (and shipped) as quickly as possible, which largely depends on the manufacturer.

If you purchased an item on backorder on Target.com, your item will be shipped as soon as it’s available. If you see an item online that you’d like to order that’s currently out of stock, you can check store availability online and you may even be able to receive an email notification when it’s back in stock; look for the “notify me when it’s back” button.

In Summary

Although there’s no simple answer to when Target restocks, it is fairly simple to contact your nearest Target to learn more about an individual store’s restocking schedule. Restocking schedules vary for both in-store and online items. For more on Target’s products and policies, see our articles: Target Senior Discount Day and Other Ways to Save (Cartwheel, etc) and Does Target Have Layaway? Target Layaway Policy In Detail and Is Up&Up Cruelty-Free? Target Brand’s Animal Testing Policy.