When Does T.J. Maxx Restock? New Shipment Schedule Detailed

Front of a T.J. Maxx store location in a shopping center

When does T.J. Maxx restock? T.J. Maxx receives new shipments five to six times a week. New items are added to the sales floor daily. We have all of the details on T.J. Maxx’s restocking schedule.

What Day Does T.J. Maxx Restock?

T.J. Maxx puts new merchandise out in its stores daily, store associates from various locations in multiple states confirmed. Trucks with new stock arrive at least five days a week, with most stores getting new shipments every Monday through Friday. Some locations get shipments six days a week, Monday through Saturday.

The items in each shipment vary and inventories will vary by location. T.J. Maxx aims to offer new products and deals in every department as often as possible.

T.J. Maxx is an off-price retailer selling name brand and designer goods at discounted prices. There are T.J. Maxx store locations throughout the U.S., including in the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. T.J. Maxx sells clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, pet products, baby products, housewares, and more at prices up to 60% off regular department store prices.

In Summary

T.J. Maxx restocks its sales floor daily and gets new shipments five to six days a week. For more information on T.J. Maxx’s store policies, see our article: T.J. Maxx Senior Discount Details: Age, Day, Locations, and More. In case you’d like to know about Target, here’s our article on Target’s restocking policy. In case you’d like to know about HomeGoods, When Does HomeGoods Restock? Shipment Schedule Explained.


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