4 Nearby Places to Buy an American Girl Gift Card

Storefront of an American Girl store

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The direct way is to pick up an American Girl gift card at your local American Girl store, by calling (800) 845-0005, or at the American Girl website.[1]

As you likely know, there aren’t many brick-and-mortar locations. So it’s likely more convenient to pick one up at a third-party retailer or when doing online shopping at sites like Amazon.

Below, we have the list of places that sell American Girl gift cards, including how to purchase them (i.e. in-store or online).

Note that you can usually buy gift cards ranging from $50 to $200, though amounts and availability may vary by location and what’s in stock.

You can use American Girl gift cards for online and in-store purchases, as well as phone and mail orders. Gift cards are valid for all purchases except for other gift cards.[1]

The List

The following businesses sell American Girl gift cards online and/or in-store.

They’re ordered beginning with the best overall options regarding accessibility and how gift cards can be purchased.

Kroger logo


  • Sold online or in-person? Both; in-store availability depends on what’s in stock.[2][3]
  • Buy

Target logo


  • Sold online or in-person? Both; in-store availability depends on what’s in stock.[4][5]
  • Buy

Amazon logo


  • Sold online or in-person? Online[6]
  • Buy

American Girl logo

American Girl

If none of these options work for you or you’re considering purchasing a different gift card, check out our list of the top places to buy gift cards nearby.

Stores that Don’t Sell American Girl Gift Cards

In the course of our research, we found that the following stores do not sell American Girl gift cards.

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