Where Can You Buy Roblox Gift Cards? Solved

Person's hand holding a Roblox gift card at a store that sells Roblox gift cards

Roblox sells physical and digital gift cards on its website; it also sells its physical gift cards through third-party retailers like Best Buy, CVS, and Kroger. We have the complete list of stores that sell Roblox gift cards below.

Note that if you buy physical gift cards at Roblox.com, there’s a handling fee of $0.99 for each card. Expedited shipping will also cost an additional fee.[1]

If you purchase a physical Roblox gift card at a third-party retailer, you can avoid the shipping and handling fees.[1]

The List

The following stores sell Roblox gift cards, though keep in mind that availability varies by location and depending on current stock:

Places That Don’t Sell Roblox Gift Cards

During our research, we found several stores that don’t sell Roblox gift cards; note that linked store names will direct you to our previous research on the gift cards available at these stores:

  1. https://www.roblox.com/giftcards?locale=en-us[][]
  2. 7-Eleven customer service (800) 255-0711[]
  3. Amazon customer service (888) 280-3321[]
  4. Best Buy customer service (888) 237-8289[]
  5. Dollar General customer service (877) 463-1553[]
  6. Walmart store customer service representatives[]
  7. Kohl’s customer service (855) 564-5705[]
  8. Meijer customer service (877) 363-4537[]
  9. Publix customer service (800) 242-1227[]
  10. Vons customer service (877) 505-4040[]
  11. Wegmans customer service (800) 934-6267[]


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