Where Can You Buy Roblox Gift Cards? Solved

Person's hand holding a Roblox gift card at a store that sells Roblox gift cards

Roblox sells physical and digital gift cards on its website; it also sells its physical gift cards through third-party retailers like Best Buy, CVS, and Kroger. I have the complete list of stores that sell Roblox gift cards below.

Note that if you buy physical gift cards at Roblox.com, there’s a handling fee of $0.99 for each card. Expedited shipping will also cost an additional fee.[1]

If you purchase a physical Roblox gift card at a third-party retailer, you can avoid the shipping and handling fees.[1]

The List

The following stores sell Roblox gift cards, though keep in mind that availability varies by location and depending on current stock:

Places That Don’t Sell Roblox Gift Cards

During my research, I found several stores that don’t sell Roblox gift cards; note that linked store names will direct you to my previous research on the gift cards available at these stores:

  1. https://www.roblox.com/giftcards?locale=en-us[][]
  2. 7-Eleven customer service (800) 255-0711[]
  3. Amazon customer service (888) 280-3321[]
  4. Best Buy customer service (888) 237-8289[]
  5. Dollar General customer service (877) 463-1553[]
  6. Walmart store customer service representatives[]
  7. Kohl’s customer service (855) 564-5705[]
  8. Meijer customer service (877) 363-4537[]
  9. Publix customer service (800) 242-1227[]
  10. Vons customer service (877) 505-4040[]
  11. Wegmans customer service (800) 934-6267[]

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