Where Can You Buy SHEIN Gift Cards? Answered

Shein app icon shown on a smartphone screen

SHEIN gift cards make great presents and come in handy for online shopping, so it’s helpful to know all your purchase options.

The only place you can buy SHEIN gift cards is in digital format on SHEIN’s own website.[1][2]

The retailer doesn’t offer plastic gift cards and doesn’t sell its gift cards through third-party retailers.[3][1]

Buying a Gift Card From SHEIN

SHEIN gift cards are available for purchase in amounts ranging from $25 to $500.[2] Your total cannot exceed $800 in a single order.[4]

When buying a gift card online, SHEIN will send your digital gift card to the email address you provide at checkout once your purchase is complete.[1]

There are no additional purchase fees, and SHEIN gift cards never expire.[1]

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Places That Don’t Sell SHEIN Gift Cards

During my research, I found that while the following stores sell a variety of third-party gift cards, none of them sell SHEIN gift cards in stores or online:

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  2. https://us.shein.com/giftcard.html[][]
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  7. CVS store customer service representatives[]
  8. Kroger store customer service representatives[]
  9. Target store customer service representatives[]
  10. Walgreens store customer service representatives[]
  11. Walmart store customer service representatives[]

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