Where Can I Buy SHEIN Gift Cards? Answered

Shein app icon shown on a smartphone screen

SHEIN gift cards are only available for purchase in digital format on SHEIN’s own website.[1] The retailer doesn’t offer plastic gift cards to U.S. customers and doesn’t sell its gift cards through third-party retailers.[2]

The available e-gift cards come in your choice of nine set amounts with no additional purchase fees: $25, $50, $80, $100, $200, $200, $400, $500, or $1,500.[1] Depending on the payment method you use to purchase the gift card, SHEIN may take up to seven days to process your order and deliver the gift card by email. Note that e-gift cards purchased in the U.S. are only valid in the U.S. and expire 120 months after purchase.[3]

Places That Don’t Sell SHEIN Gift Cards

During our research, we found that while the following stores sell a variety of third-party gift cards, none of them sell SHEIN gift cards in stores or online:

  1. https://us.shein.com/giftcard.html[][]
  2. SHEIN customer service via contact form[]
  3. https://us.shein.com/gift-card-a-708.html[]
  4. Amazon customer service (888) 280-4331[]
  5. Best Buy customer service (888) 237-8289[]
  6. CVS customer service (800) 746-7287[]
  7. Kroger customer service (800) 576-4377[]
  8. Target customer service (800) 591-3869[]
  9. Walgreens customer service (800) 925-4733[]
  10. Walmart customer service (800) 925-6278[]


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