Getting your money out of a money order works the same as with any type of check. You have two options. The first, you deposit the money into your bank account or allow your bank to cash it for you. The second, you can cash your money order a place that cashes money orders.

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Do Places That Sell Money Orders Cash Money Order?

No, you cannot cash your money order at all places that sell money orders. Cashing a money order is a little different from buying them because the business has to keep large amounts of cash on hand. And while many places do cash money orders, they may not be able to cash yours that day, if they have already cashed too many money orders or checks ahead of yours. Locations can and do run out of cash. And while banks and credits unions do sell and cash money orders for customers, those without an account will have a hard time finding a bank to cash their money order.

Do All Places That Cash Money Orders Cash Western Union Money Orders?

Not all places that cash money orders will cash money orders of any type. Banks and check cashing places will often cash money orders of all types; grocery stores usually won’t. While banks usually require you have an account with them to cash money orders of all types, check cashing places rarely have any restrictions. For all the other location types, you will need to cash your money order at a place that cashes your type of money order.

Are There Limits or Fees for Cashing Money Orders?

Most stores that cash money orders have limits on the size of money orders that can be cashed. The amounts range from $300 to unlimited, depending on the location. They also usually charge a small fee for cashing the money order. Check cashing stores charge the highest fees, while grocery stores are usually the cheapest. You can usually cash a money order for free at your own bank.

Places That Cash Western Union Money Orders

You might think that at a Western Union office would be the best place to cash your money order, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one if you try. In the U.S., Western Union works primarily through its agents. Western Union agents are stores that Western Union has partnered with to provide Western Union money services.

You can use the Western Union agent locator to find one near you, along with their hours and contact info. Be sure to filter your search for “money orders” under Western Union Services. Note that not all agents that sell money orders also cash them. So, if a store that’s not on one of our lists comes up, call ahead to confirm they’ll cash a money order. The agent locator also doesn’t provide fees and limits (most of the time) so we’ve found the fees and limits at the most widespread agents for you.

Follow the link provided in the table for further details.

Banks and Credit Unions (No Account Necessary)

While you can almost always cash a money order at a bank where you have an account, it’s difficult to find any banks that will cash money orders for non-account holders. We found just one back that will cash money orders for non-account holders.

1. Old Second Bank

Check Cashing Stores

Check cashing stores tend to have the highest fees for money order and check cashing, when compared to banks, grocery stores, and others. Many hide their fees by saying that fees vary by location. We recommend calling to confirm fees beforehand and save yourself a shock when you get to the store. In terms of fees, these stores should usually be your last resort.

2. Amscot

3. Check Into Cash

4. Money Mart

5. Speedy Cash

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores don’t always keep a lot of cash on hand to cash money orders or checks. If you’re headed to a grocery store to cash a check, but the grocery store doesn’t set a specific check limit, try going at the end of the day — they’ll have more cash on hand then.

6. Family Fare

7. Giant Eagle

8. Kroger

Note: The Kroger family of stores includes King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Fry’s, Dillon’s, City Market, Owen’s, Bakers, Pay Less Super Markets, Gerbes, Smith’s, and QFC

9. Safeway

Places That Sell Western Union Money Orders, but Don’t Cash Them

To add to the confusion, there are several stores that are Western Union against and do sell money orders, but won’t cash money orders, even if the money order was bought at the exact same store. To dispel your doubts, we’ve made a list of these two. Follow the links to read more about money order policies at each store on FQF.

Here are place where you can buy, but not cash, a Western Union money order.

Places That Don’t Cash or Sell Western Union Money Orders

To save you as much time and hassle as possible, we’ve compiled a list of places that will not cash a Western Union money order. The following are stores that do not cash Western Union money orders:

  • Albertsons (uses MoneyGram)
  • Circle K (uses MoneyGram)
  • Costco
  • CVS (uses MoneyGram)
  • Farm Fresh
  • Heinen’s
  • Kmart (they just do money transfers via Western Union)
  • Mariano’s
  • Sam’s Club
  • Save-A-Lot
  • Shop n Save
  • Target
  • Whole Foods
  • Walgreens (they just do money transfers via Western Union)
  • Walmart (uses MoneyGram)

In Summary

You can buy a Western Union money order at a lot more places than you can cash one at. To cash a money order, you’ll need an ID and a place willing to cash the amount of your money order. Also, because prevalent fraudulent money order schemes happen, Western Union encourages the use of its electronic money transfer kiosks instead. For locations willing to cash other types of money orders, read our article: Where Can I Cash (Any Type) of Money Order?