8 Places Where You Can Get Your Car Painted (Local to Most)

auto repairman painting car with red spray gun

There are several reputable places in the U.S. where you can have your car painted, including auto shops like MAACO or Service King, dealerships like Ford or Toyota, and local paint shops.

In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from about $300 to $10,000 to have your car repainted, depending on your car’s condition, your selected package, and the shop you choose.

Below, we list the places you can get your car painted, including information about pricing, warranties, and available packages.

The List

Note: Before you decide on which shop to use, it’s a good idea to research the shop’s history by looking up reviews on different sites such as Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

You might also want to gather quotes from a few different shops to get the best price.

Auto Shop Chains

The auto shops listed below have multiple locations and can paint virtually any make and model.

Econo Auto Painting logo

Econo Auto Painting & Body Works

  • Cost: Varies on an individual basis; free estimates are available.[1]
  • Warranty: One to four years depending on the package you select (Enamel Deluxe, Polycrystalline Finish, Poly-Supreme, or Fulthane Urethane) [2]
  • Packages available:
    • Enamel Deluxe: Includes hand sanding, masking to protect windows and chrome, and enamel paint
    • Polycrystalline Finish: Includes hand sanding, dual-action machine sanding, masking to protect windows and chrome, and catalyzed automotive enamel
    • Poly-Supreme: Includes hand and dual-action machine sanding, masking of windows and chrome, and painted with catalyzed enamel and an integrated clear coat finish
    • Fulthane Urethane: Includes the same process as the Poly-Supreme and adds a full coat sealer and a DuPont/Axalta urethane paint[2]
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Maaco logo


  • Cost: Begins at about $300; free estimates are available.[3][4]
  • Warranty: One to five years depending on the package you select[4]
  • Packages available:
    • Basic: Includes single-stage enamel paint and color match
    • Preferred: Includes single-stage paint with urethane, which resists chipping
    • Premium: Includes a two-stage paint service[4]
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Service King Collision logo

Service King

  • Cost: Varies on an individual basis; free estimates are available.[5]
  • Warranty: Lifetime on workmanship but not material[6]
  • Packages Available: None; Service King offers paint scratch repairs and includes paint repairs as a part of its collision repair process.[5]
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Car Dealerships

Note: Most dealerships will paint any make and model. For example, if you own a Lexus, your local Ford or Nissan dealership can typically paint your car.

Ford logo


GM logo

General Motors (GM)

  • Cost: Varies on an individual basis; your local dealership may offer free estimates.[8]
  • Warranty: Varies by the dealership[8]
  • Packages available: Vary by location[8]
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Nissan logo


  • Cost: Varies on an individual basis; your local dealership may offer free estimates[9]
  • Warranty: Varies by the dealership[9]
  • Packages available: Vary by location[9]
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Toyota logo


  • Cost: Varies on an individual basis; your local dealership may offer free estimates[10]
  • Warranty: Varies by the dealership[10]
  • Packages available: Vary by location[10]
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Local Auto Paint Shops

No matter where you live, there’s likely a privately-operated body shop near you that can paint your vehicle. You can find these shops by searching online or through word of mouth.

Most small shops use the same methods for calculating the cost of painting services as national retailers and dealerships, so you’ll likely pay a similar rate at a local shop or chain.

Still, it’s a good idea to compare prices at several different shops in your area.

For more on auto body painting and wrapping, check out our articles on paint jobs vs. vinyl wraps (cost comparison) and cheap car painting options to consider.

Cost of Car Painting

The cost of painting your car will depend on the make, model, and condition of your car, as well as which package you choose.

Reputable body shops will not paint your car without ensuring that the paint will bond and no defects will show through the paint.

For example, MAACO includes the cost of basic preparation in its starting price.

If your car needs more than some basic prep, you should expect to pay more.

For example, if your vehicle has rust on sections of the fenders, the shop will need to remove the result and treat the surface before any painting can be done. If the rust has eaten through the fender, you’ll need a new one, which increases the cost.

The most significant factor in the cost of painting your car is which package you choose.

Basic enamel and acrylic paint packages start at around $200 to $400, while higher quality paint packages will cost about $1,000 to $5,000, and specialty paint and finish packages can cost up to $10,000.[11]

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