Where Can You Use American First Finance? Furniture, Auto, etc Options Listed

Woman shopping at a furniture store

Lease-to-own financial firm American First Finance primarily provides financing for furniture stores and automotive retailers. However, it also partners with businesses as diverse as tattoo parlors, electronic-repair shops, and funeral-service providers.

American First Finance approves borrowers for up to 120% of their income, and the full amount you can borrow caps out at $5,000.

American First Finance allows you to spread your payments out over 24 months, which can lead to lower monthly payments and a larger total payment.[1] The company does pull your credit during an application.

Below, we list the places where you can use American First Finance.

We confirmed this information by visiting the company’s website and speaking with its merchant care department.

The List

Furniture and Mattresses


Appliances and Electronics

Jewelry and Body Art

Further Availability

In addition to the businesses listed above, there may be more in your area that accept American First Finance. Because American First Finance services approximately 7,000 local businesses, the best way to find vendors near you that use it is by visiting its locations page or texting “apply” to 41806.

Please note that not every retailer on American First Finance’s locator continues to use the company’s services.

While some of them use lease-to-own financing from sister organizations such as Kornerstone Credit, others use financing companies that do not have any connection to American First Finance. (American First Finance, Kornerstone Credit, and several related companies are owned by Nationwide Marketing Group.[2])

If you want to ensure that you’re visiting a business that uses American First Finance, it’s best to contact the business itself to confirm its current financing options.

More Lease-to-Own Options

For more on lease-to-own shopping, see our previous research on rent-to-own online stores.


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