Where Is Corn Syrup in Grocery Stores? What Aisle? Answered

Cereal isle of a store

Short Answer

Each store categorizes corn syrup differently, so there are a few different aisles where it may be located. Most commonly, you can find it in the baking or cereal aisles.

Where Is Corn Syrup in Grocery Stores?

Corn syrup can be found amid the baking ingredients at some grocery stores, as many candy, dessert, jelly, and jam recipes call for it. Other stores group it with the hot cereals and maple syrup.

We contacted Kroger, Publix, and Walmart to find out exactly where they stock corn syrup in their stores.

Whether visiting one of these three chains or another grocery store, it’s a good idea to contact your local store for specifics, as each store’s layout may vary.

You can also check the store’s mobile app — many grocers’ apps allow you to search for an item and see whether it is in stock and in which aisle it is located.

The information each store’s customer service shared with us is detailed below, along with links to each retailer’s store locator and mobile app:


  • Aisle: Walmart stocks corn syrup in the baking aisle, associates from several stores told us.
  • Links: Walmart Store Finder and Walmart Mobile App
  • Source: Walmart stores in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio


  • Aisle: The Kroger stores we called stock corn syrup in the cereal aisle near the hot cereals and maple syrup.
  • Links: Kroger Store Locator and the Kroger Mobile App
  • Source: Kroger stores in Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Wisconsin


  • Aisle: The customer service associates we spoke with at Publix locations also said corn syrup is stocked in the cereal aisle at its stores.
  • Links: Publix Locations and the Publix Mobile App
  • Source: Publix stores in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee

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