Where to Buy Bamboo Plants/Shoots Both Locally and Online (12 Places)

Although bamboo has been an essential crop in certain regions for centuries, it has enjoyed a recent increase in attention in the Western world as a natural, sustainable resource. It can grow into a natural privacy screen or windbreak around your house. It can be used in cooking, furniture making, paper making, weaving, and even home construction.

While you may think of bamboo as an exotic, tropical plant, there are some varieties that grow in most areas of the United States, even where temperatures reach -20 degrees Fahrenheit. And while bamboo may be more difficult to find than, for example, tomato plants, there are plenty of places that sell bamboo, both locally and online. We’ll show you exactly where to buy bamboo plants/shoots.

What Bamboo Is (and Isn’t)

Despite its resemblance to trees, bamboo is actually a member of the grass family. Most varieties grow in tropical and wet climates. However, it is thought to be native to every continent except Europe and Antarctica and is adaptable to a variety of climates and conditions. It is famously fast-growing, with some species growing up to three feet per day.

Several plants commonly sold as bamboos are actually unrelated plants. Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is one of these. Some websites even call this plant “bamboo,” so be careful. If the plant you are looking at is a houseplant, it is likely not a true bamboo. Most kinds of real bamboos are difficult to grow indoors. Heavenly bamboo, also known as sacred bamboo, is also unrelated.

Can I Grow Bamboo From Seeds?

Bamboo typically flowers only once in its life, usually after 10-60 years or more, so its seeds can be difficult to come by. The seeds become less viable with time after the harvest, so finding the variety you want can be especially difficult. You can find some bamboo seeds available for purchase online, but most bamboo is propagated by taking cuttings from existing plants or digging up new shoots that spread from old ones.

Buying Bamboo for Human Consumption

If you plan to eat your bamboo shoots, be sure to do your research first. Many varieties of bamboo are not edible, and even those which are able to be consumed contain natural toxins that must be removed by proper preparation. Do not eat bamboo shoots raw.

Finding the Right Variety

There are well over 1,000 species of bamboo, hundreds of which are available in the United States and Canada. They vary widely in height, cold tolerance, and many other characteristics. Some grow in clusters (clumping bamboo), while others spread prolifically through rhizomes (running bamboo) and can become invasive. If you want a privacy screen and not a forest, be sure to select clumping bamboo or be prepared to prune and install barriers. Most retailers will label whether their bamboo is running or clumping. Remember to check your USDA growing zone and ensure that the variety you select is compatible with it.

Where to Buy Bamboo Plants/Shoots Locally

While big chain stores like Walmart and Home Depot often carry artificial bamboo plants and Lucky Bamboo (not a real bamboo), real plants can be more of a challenge to find. However, the best place to find bamboo may still be the one nearest you, since local growers are likely to carry varieties best suited to your climate and growing conditions. Here are a few good places to find bamboo near you.

1. American Bamboo Society

2. Craigslist

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Varies
  • Sizes offered: Varies
  • Other notes: Some listings offer shoots for free if you are willing to dig them out yourself
  • Go to Craigslist

3. Local Nurseries

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Varies
  • Sizes offered: Varies; some may have full-grown plants
  • Other notes: We called several nurseries to verify their stock and selection; obviously, this will vary by region.

 4. Lowe’s

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Several running and clumping varieties
  • Sizes offered: pots from about 1-11 gallons
  • Other notes: According to their website, these are available only in select stores
  • Find a Lowe’s

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Where to Buy Bamboo Plants/Shoots Online

5. Amazon

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Varies by seller
  • Sizes offered: Varies by seller
  • Shipping cost: Cost varies by seller; some qualify for free shipping.
  • Visit Amazon

6. Bamboo Garden

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: A wide range of running and clumping bamboo
  • Sizes offered: Pots ranging from 1 to 100 gallons
  • Shipping cost: Cost varies by weight and destination.
  • Visit Bamboo Garden

7. eBay

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Varies by seller
  • Sizes offered: Varies by seller
  • Shipping cost: Varies
  • Visit eBay

8. Lewis Bamboo

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: A variety of clumping and running bamboos
  • Sizes offered: Two- and three-gallon pots
  • Shipping cost: Various shipping methods and rates available. Orders over $50 ship free.
  • Visit Lewis Bamboo

9. New Shoots Bamboo

10. The Tree Center

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Four varieties, including running and clumping bamboo
  • Sizes offered: Sizes up to five feet
  • Shipping cost: Orders under $99 ship free; orders under $99 ship for $9.95.
  • Visit The Tree Center

11. Tropical Bamboo

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: A wide range of running and clumping bamboo
  • Sizes offered: They will ship three-gallon pots. All others sizes are only offered locally (in Florida).
  • Shipping cost: Varies by order size and destination
  • Visit Tropical Bamboo

12. TyTy

  • Types of Bamboo Sold: Various running and clumping varieties
  • Sizes offered: six-inch or ten-inch shoot clumps
  • Shipping cost: Varies by size of order. Orders over $250 ship free.
  • Visit TyTy

In Summary

Now you know where to buy bamboo plants/shoots. Bamboo plants/shoots are readily available, both in-store and online. But before purchasing bamboo, be sure to understand the difference between clumping and running bamboo and the many species of bamboo sold by retailers. If you plan to plant bamboo, be sure to choose varieties that are best suited to your climate and your landscaping needs, and plan accordingly to prevent overgrowth.


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