9 Places to Buy Brandy Melville In-Store or Online

Brandy Melville storefront

Brandy Melville doesn’t have a large number of stores. However, if there isn’t a store near you, you can find the brand at some Nordstrom and PacSun locations.

Resale shops and websites like Plato’s Closet and Poshmark are also options if you’d like to save on Brandy Melville or buy styles that are no longer available.

You can also shop Brandy Melville’s website if you’d prefer to buy directly from the brand.

We explain these options in greater detail below, plus explore what makes Brandy Melville popular.

Brandy Melville is a clothing and accessories brand popular among teens and young women. The brand was established in Italy in the 1970s and opened its first store in the United States in 2009 in Los Angeles.

It has since become a must-have label for many young women in the United States. But, Brandy Melville has been criticized in the media for its “one-size-fits-all” or “one-size-fits-most” sizing because most pieces would correspond to size x-small or small.

Brandy Melville avoids most traditional marketing and advertising. Instead, it relies on social media like Instagram and YouTube to appeal to teens and college students. The BrandyMelvilleUSA Instagram account has around 4 million followers.

The brand’s mid-range pricing appeals to its target audience. Brandy Melville clothing is generally more expensive than brands like Forever 21 but less expensive than brands like Urban Outfitters.

Where to Buy Brandy Melville In-Store

There are only about 65 Brand Melville stores worldwide, but you can find some Brandy Melville clothes and accessories at Nordstrom and PacSun. For details, see below.

Brandy Melville logo

Brandy Melville

Nordstrom logo


PacSun logo


  • Locations: PacSun has locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Not all PacSun stores sell Brandy Melville. Contact your local PacSun to find out what pieces, if any, it has in stock.
  • Find a PacSun

Platos Closet logo

Plato’s Closet

  • Locations: Plato’s Closet is a consignment store with locations nationwide. You may be able to find Brandy Melville items at your nearest Plato’s Closet; selection varies by location.
  • Find a Plato’s Closet

Where to Buy Brandy Melville Online

Brandy Melville clothing is only sold on its website. (It is not sold on Nordstrom.com or PacSun.com.)

Some online retailers like eBay and Mercari also sell used Brandy Melville pieces. Just be sure to check the seller reviews to make sure you’re buying genuine Brandy Melville items.

Here are a few sites were you can find used Brandy Melville clothes and accessories:

For Brandy Melville sale information and its student discount policy, see our related articles.


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