Where to Buy Dillard’s Gift Cards: Online & In-Store Options Detailed

Short Answer: Dillard’s gift cards are available at Dillard’s stores and online at Dillards.com. Both physical and electronic gift cards are available with no additional fees, and Dillard’s doesn’t charge for shipping if you place a gift card order online. Third-party retailers like Kroger and Walmart typically do not sell Dillard’s gift cards, but you may be able to purchase them from online gift card marketplaces like Gift Card Granny, Raise, and SVM. Below, we have more details of where to buy Dillard’s gift cards.

Where to Buy Dillard’s Gift Cards

Dillard’s, one of the nation’s largest fashion retailers, sells both physical and digital Dillard’s gift cards. Plastic Dillard’s gift cards are available in amounts from $10 and $1,000 in Dillard’s stores and $10 and $500 online; eGift cards are available at Dillards.com in amounts between $10 and $250.

There are no additional fees when purchasing gift cards from Dillard’s. If you order a physical gift card online, Dillard’s waives its standard $9.95 shipping fee, and the card should ship within 24 to 48 hours.

Other Stores That Sell Dillard’s Gift Cards

Dillard’s isn’t the only place where you can purchase a Dillard’s gift card; however, most brick-and-mortar stores that sell third-party gift cards do not sell Dillard’s gift cards. (See our list of stores that don’t sell Dillard’s gift cards below.)

You may be able to buy Dillard’s gift cards from online gift card marketplaces, depending on current stock. We list these sites below, including whether they stock physical or digital gift cards, and in what amounts.

Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny allows “trusted secondary market partners” to sell discount gift cards through its website and app. As such, the amount and type of gift cards available depend on the seller. If no one is selling Dillard’s gift cards currently, you’ll have to look elsewhere or check back at a later time.

  • Gift cards available: Physical and e-gift cards; availability varies by the seller
  • Gift card amounts: Vary by the seller; usually $20 to $100
  • Fees: Vary by the seller; usually none, though some sellers charge for shipping
  • Where to buy: GiftCardGranny.com


Raise allows verified users to sell their unwanted physical and e-gift cards for cash. Purchases are final, but Raise offers a one-year, money-back guarantee if you have any issues using the card(s) you buy. Like Gift Card Granny, availability will depend on what sellers have at any given time.

  • Gift cards available: Physical and e-gift cards; availability varies by the seller
  • Gift card amounts: Vary by the seller; usually $25 to $200
  • Fees: None
  • Where to buy: Raise.com


SVM primarily sells gift cards as promotional items, employee incentives, and loyalty program rewards for businesses. However, it does not require you to provide an organization name or business information to place an order; you can pay using a credit card, PayPal account, personal check, or money order.

  • Gift cards available: Physical gift cards only
  • Gift card amounts: $50
  • Fees: Processing fees up to about 4% of the order amount, plus shipping ($3 to $22 depending on shipping method and speed)
  • Where to buy: SVMCards.com

Places That Don’t Sell Dillard’s Gift Cards

We contacted the following places, and representatives told us that they do not sell Dillard’s gift cards. However, third-party gift card availability does vary by location, so you may still want to contact your local store to see whether the gift card you want is available.

If you frequently shop at Dillard’s, our article has the details on when Dillard’s has sales.

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