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Distilled water has a wide variety of applications ranging from everyday household items to complex medical procedures. Smaller amounts of distilled water are likely available at your local grocery store. However, if you need high grade distilled water or bulk distilled water, you’ll likely need to look elsewhere, so we help with that as well. In this article, we’ll tell you different uses for distilled water and where you can buy small amounts, large amounts, and even delivery options.

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Uses for Distilled Water

Distilled water is created by boiling water and collecting the resulting water vapor. Through this process, any microbes in the water are killed, and most minerals and chemicals that were in the water are left behind. The result is a very pure type of water that has many advantages for certain home, automotive, and medical uses.

Home Uses For Distilled Water

  • Use in various household items — Devices such as irons, steam cleaners, humidifiers, and humidors which produce steam by boiling water, can leave mineral buildups that can damage the devices if tap water is used. Using distilled water can prevent mineral buildup in the device and prevent other water contaminants from going airborne. Note: Newer models of irons may have filters in place that make using distilled water unnecessary. Follow the directions of any product manuals.
  • Cleaning — Since the distillation process removes minerals from the water, distilled water will not leave streaks or watermarks on surfaces.
  • Home aquariums — Because distilled water is free of the many chemicals, such as chlorine, that can be present in tap water, home aquariums often use distilled water for their tanks. Note that pure distilled water will require certain chemical and mineral treatments to make it suitable for fish.
  • Cooking — Home cooks may find the use of distilled water in their cooking preferable to tap water. The chemicals and minerals in tap water may give off an added taste that cooks find unpleasant. Distilled water can also be used in canning, to prevent cloudiness and keep food tender.

Home use of distilled water does not require the same grade of cleanliness as distilled water used in hospitals or laboratories (which may be referred to as laboratory or reagent grade distilled water). For this reason, the most cost-effective and convenient source of distilled water for home use is likely a nearby store or delivery service that sells distilled water in plastic containers. We detail where to buy distilled water further below in this article.

Automotive Uses for Distilled Water

  • Lead acid batteries — When topping off your car or truck’s lead-acid battery, distilled water is preferred to prevent mineral deposits and corrosion of the batter components.
  • Automotive cooling systems — Your automobiles cooling system can be topped off with water if needed. Distilled water is preferred to avoid mineral deposit buildup in your automobile’s coolant system.

Because these uses require only small amounts of water, most will find the distilled water for sale at local stores suitable for these uses. Later in this article, we will discuss where to buy distilled water for this purpose.

Medical Uses For Distilled Water

  • Autoclave chambers — These machines sterilize medical tools and equipment using water vapor from distilled water.
  • Dialysis machines — These machines act as an artificial kidney, using distilled water to help filter blood.
  • CPAP machines — Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines are used for sleep apnea patients. Distilled water prevents bacteria contaminants from entering the body.
  • Food preparation for high-risk patients — Patients who are highly vulnerable to contaminants or bacteria that may be present in tap water may be given food prepared with distilled water as a precaution.
  • Surgical use — Because distilled water does not contain and microbes, it is used in hospitals to clean wounds and prevent infections.

For hospitals and other medical occupations, higher quality distilled water is likely required. For example, reagent grade distilled water is certified to meet very specific standards of purity and pH level. Delivery service of high grade distilled water is likely preferred, or they may look to purchase a commercial water distiller. Typically, higher grade distilled water for use in hospitals and laboratories is stored in glass or stainless steel containers.

Where to Buy Distilled Water

Here’s where to buy distilled water for most uses. The most convenient way to get distilled water will likely be your nearby grocery store. Most grocery stores sell distilled water in one-gallon plastic containers.

If you need higher grade distilled water for medical or laboratory uses, try:

Where to Buy Distilled Water in Bulk

If you need large quantities of distilled water, you options may be more limited. Grocery stores will likely have many gallons of supply on the shelves, but if you need more than that, try:

  • Bulk discount storesCostco and Sam’s Club both advertise 6 packs of one-gallon plastic containers of distilled water.
  • Laboratory and chemical supply companies — For example, Chemworld sells distilled water in containers from 55 gallons and up to 275 gallons. A wide variety of containers are available for bulk distilled water.
  • Local water supply companies — These companies may be able to distill water themselves and, with advanced notice, be able to supply what you need.

Where to Find Distilled Water Delivery Service

You may be able to find delivery service for your distilled water, depending on your location:

1. ArrowHead Direct

2. Culligan

  • Options: Culligan offers three- and five-gallon plastic bottles of distilled water for home delivery.
  • Locations: Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin
  • Visit the Culligan website

3. DeerPark Delivery

  • Options: Sells distilled water for delivery in one-gallon plastic bottles.
  • Locations: East coast from Pennsylvania to Virginia, and also Georgia.
  • Visit the DeerPark Delivery website

4. Hinckley Springs (Crystal Water Brand)

  • Options: Sells distilled water in five-gallon plastic containers.
  • Locations: Varies. Enter your zip code on the company website to see if delivery is available in your area.
  • Visit the Hinkley Springs website

5. Ice Mountain Delivery

6. Mountain Glacier

7. Ozarka

  • Options: Distilled water delivery in one-gallon plastic containers. No glass containers available for distilled water.
  • Locations: Texas
  • Visit the Ozark website

8. Poland Spring

  • Options: Distilled water is available for delivery in one gallon plastic bottles. No glass bottles available for distilled water.
  • Locations: Northeast United States.
  • Visit the Poland Spring website

In Summary

Now you know where to buy distilled water. For most uses, the cheapest and most convenient option to purchase distilled water will likely be your nearby grocery store. If you need distilled water for a specific use, check online at specialty chemical or laboratory supply stores. For those that require a regular supply of distilled water, bulk and delivery options are also available.

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