3 Convenient Places to Buy Grubhub Gift Cards

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We contacted the customer service departments and several store locations of major retailers across the U.S. to confirm the availability of Grubhub gift cards; the following retailers sell gift cards for Grubhub:

Amazon logo


  • Availability: Online
  • Denominations: $50 to $75 for plastic gift cards and $25 to $100 for digital gift cards
  • Fees: None

Kroger logo


  • Availability: Kroger.com and in stores, but note that store availability may vary; 65% of the Kroger stores I called had Grubhub gift cards in stock.
  • Denominations: Any amount from $5 to $500
  • Fees: None

Target logo


  • Availability: Target.com and in stores, but store availability may vary; 70% of the Target stores I called had Grubhub gift cards in stock.
  • Denominations: $50 or $75
  • Fees: None

If none of the above options works for you, Grubhub sells plastic and digital gift cards on its website.

In addition to gift cards and credit cards, Grubhub also accepts PayPal and Venmo (as previously reported).

Retailers That Don’t Sell Grubhub Gift Cards

In the course of my research, I found that the following places do not sell Grubhub gift cards:

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