Where to Buy Jordans: 9 Best Online & In-Store Options

Pair of new red and white Air Jordans

Jordans are perhaps the best-known line of sneakers around, featuring the iconic Jumpman logo along with the Nike swoosh on every pair. But, with great popularity comes a price tag higher than your average kicks, and the potential for fraud. In this article, we explain where you can buy authentic Jordan shoes, both retro and modern, for the best price. Learn to spot fakes and how to avoid them.

Brief History of the Brand

In 1985, then rookie Michael Jordan wore his signature shoes on the court during that year’s basketball season, despite the NBA having banned them due to their red and black color. Jordan was fined $5,000 every time he wore them on the court, but Nike was happy to pick up the tab; for them, the buzz and exposure created by the controversy were invaluable. Now that MJ has retired, other players such as Blake Griffin, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul are representing Jordans, as well as hip-hop artist Drake.

The Jordans shoe line offers not just sneakers, but sandals, too. They come in a huge variety of modern and retro styles, so there is sure to be a look that appeals to everyone. Most pairs of Jordans run between $100-200, but some collectors editions top out at over $18,000! When the sneakers are on sale, you can find authentic pairs for about $75.

How to Know If Jordans Are Authentic

Due to their popularity, Jordans are often counterfeited. Be sure to do your research before purchasing online, as the last thing you want is to pay “real” prices for fake shoes. Avoid shoes that are labeled as “variant” – these are always fake. Pairs that claim to be “custom” or “sample” Nike shoes could be real, and worth a lot of money to collectors, but they are rare, so demand proof of authenticity from the seller.

Another fail-safe is to purchase directly from Nike or another authorized seller listed here. You can also note the ID number on the shoes being offered, and check Google to see if that number matches up with a legitimate product. Remember that adult sizes don’t often go for less than $100, unless on sale from a legitimate retailer, so beware of a deal that seems too good to be true.

Where to Buy Jordans

Whether you want to show them off on the street or display them behind glass, you’ll find authentic Jordans at the following stores and sites. All of these sellers offer both new and retro styles as Nike releases some of each every year. True “retro” shoes, actually manufactured in the year they were originally released, are tougher to find – we suggest Flight Club consignment store (unpaid endorsement) for this (more on them below). All listed price ranges are full retail and don’t take into account the sales that can be found if you keep an eye out for them.

Champs logo

1. Champs Sports

  • What they offer: Jordans for baseball, basketball, training, and casual wear.
  • Price range for shoes: Shoes and sandals for toddlers/kids range from $20-$75; adult sandals are $30-$60; sneakers run $110-$190.
  • Buy in-store: Champs Sports store locator (you can also input the type of Jordans you want, and the results will show you the closest store that carries them).
  • Buy online: Champs Sports website
  • Return policy: Returns must be made within 90 days in order to receive your money back in the form of the original payment. Between 90 days and one year, refunds will be made in the form of a gift card. Returns will not be accepted after one year. All returned products must be in new condition. See Champs Sports’ full return policy.
  • Note: Champs is a subsidiary of Foot Locker, so the two stores will offer similar stock, prices, and sales.

DICKS logo

2. DICK’s Sporting Goods

  • What they offer: Wide selection of basketball shoes in various colors, including CP3.IX, Jumpman Team II, Super.Fly 5, and more.
  • Price range for shoes: Preschool/kids shoes run $50-$140 regular price, but can be found on sale; sandals are $40-$50; adults sizes range from $90-$185.
  • Buy in-store: DICK’s Sporting Goods store locator
  • Buy online: DICK’s Sporting Goods website
  • Return policy: Returns with an original receipt, or a valid form of ID, will be accepted for 60 days. Only returns accompanied by a receipt will credit the purchase price back to your original form of payment. Without a receipt, you will be offered store credit or an even exchange, and your information will be recorded and monitored for unusual return activity. Used shoes will not be accepted. See DICK’s Sporting Goods’ full return policy.

Eastbay logo

3. Eastbay

  • What they offer: Basketball, training, and casual Jordans, including AJ XXXI, Reveal, Eclipse, Jumpman Team II, Super.Fly, AJ1, True Flight, and J23.
  • Price range for shoes: $30-80 for kids, sandals $50-$60, adult sneakers are $100-$250.
  • Buy online: Eastbay website
  • Return policy: Eastbay accepts returns and exchanges within 90 days of original shipping date, and will pay shipping costs for exchanges as well, if the return is made due to incorrect sizing or a defect in the merchandise. Within 90 days, you will be refunded the full purchase price to the original form of payment; between 90 days and one year, a gift card will be offered. Returns must be in new condition. See Eastbay’s full return policy.
  • Note: Eastbay is a Foot Locker company, and can be counted on to sell only authentic merchandise. However, Eastbay is an online-only business, so you can only purchase Jordans from their website.

Finish Line logo

4. Finish Line

  • What they offer: High tops, off-court, performance basketball, and retro Jordan lines.
  • Price range for shoes: Sandals are about $35-60; sneakers go for $25-$50 for toddlers/preschoolers and $100-190 for youth/adults.
  • Buy in-store: Finish Line store locator
  • Buy online: Finish Line website
  • Return policy: Footwear must be returned in its original box within 45 days of purchase. Items may not be returned after 45 days for any reason. In-store, returns must be accompanied by the original receipt and a valid ID; if a credit card was used as method of payment, that must be presented as well. Call customer service at 1-888-777-3949 for instructions on completing a return by mail. See Finish Line’s full return policy.
  • Note: Follow the Jordan Sale link for great deals on Jordan products; certain shoes can be found for $60. Also check out Finish Line’s #JordanFridays on Instagram for news, history, and photos related to the brand.

Flight Club logo

5. Flight Club

  • What they offer: Air Jordans versions 1-23, 6 Rings, Spiz´Ike, Jordan Future, and more.
  • Price range for shoes: Starting at $60 for youth sizes, adult sizes start at about $100, with a huge price range going up from there – the most expensive pair available is $18,000 for the Air Jordan 4 Retro “CARHARTT X EMINEM”.
  • Buy in-store: Flight Club store locator
  • Buy online: Flight Club website
  • Return policy: All sales are final. See the Flight Club FAQ file for more return policy details.
  • Note: Flight Club is the world’s largest sneaker consignment marketplace, so it’s a great place to visit for both buyers and sellers. All of the shoes are in new, unworn condition and guaranteed authentic. For recently released shoes, prices are in line with other retailers, but for a premium, you can find a huge selection of older editions; the website allows you to specify the exact release year and color combination you want.

Foot Locker logo

6. Foot Locker

  • What they offer: Shoes from the Jordan Retro, Jordan Jumpman Pro, Jordan Super.Fly, and Jordan AJ XXXI collections.
  • Price range for shoes: $30-$50 for toddler shoes; sandals are $50-60; kid/adult shoes range from $110-$250.
  • Buy in-store: Foot Locker store locator
  • Buy online: Foot Locker website
  • Return policy: Foot Locker accepts returns and exchanges within 90 days of original shipping date, and will pay necessary shipping costs for exchanges as well, if the return is made due to incorrect sizing or a defect in the merchandise. Within 90 days, you will be refunded the full purchase price to the original form of payment; between 90 days and one year, a gift card will be offered. Returns must be in new condition. See Foot Locker’s full return policy.
  • Note: The Foot Locker website includes a release calendar for new shoes; look for sales in advance of big launches.

Kixify logo

7. Kixify

  • What they offer: New and pre-owned shoes listed by individuals and small businesses.
  • Price range for shoes: All over the map, but as low as $8 for kids sizes and $20 for adults pre-owned; about $40 for both kids and adults brand new. You can also make an offer if you don’t like the listed price. Collector shoes are way more expensive, so be sure to do your research before shelling out for high-priced shoes from an individual seller.
  • Buy online: Kixify website
  • Return policy: Each individual seller has their own return policy, so read up before making your purchase. If the seller provided merchandise that is significantly different from what was advertised, and refuses to make amends, you may open up a dispute with Paypal within 180 days of your purchase.
  • Notes: The site boasts that they are never sold out of Jordans. Various sellers list their shoes for sale; prices can be very good if you don’t mind pre-owned kicks. The site offers purchase protection through Paypal and a zero tolerance policy for fraud, but it’s still best to be sure what you’re buying up front, rather than have to pursue a claim against a disreputable seller. Kixify is an online-only outfit.

Nike logo

8. Nike

  • What they offer: All styles of Jordan shoes currently in production; stores will have a lesser selection at any one time than the website does.
  • Price range for shoes: The sandals go for $35-$58, sneakers for kids run from $40-$160, and adult sneakers are $100-$190.
  • Buy in-store: Nike store locator
  • Buy online: Nike website
  • Return policy: Shoes can be returned for any reason within 30 days, but must be in unworn condition. You need to return the items in the way they were originally purchased, i.e., at the store vs. online. Online orders come with a pre-printed return label in the package to make returns easy. Receipt is required for a cash refund; returns without a receipt may only be eligible for exchange. See Nike’s full return policy.
  • Notes: Nike has some pretty good sales sometimes, with certain styles of Jordan sneakers priced at $75. Nike should be your first stop for Jordans, as the authenticity is guaranteed. Other retailers may be helpful if you are looking for a style that came out more than a couple of years ago.

Sneakerhead logo

9. Sneakerhead

  • What they offer: Jordans in the retro 1-13, lifestyle, and sport lines.
  • Price range for shoes: Sandals go for $50-$60, toddler/preschool range from $30-60; adult sizes run from $95 for many styles to $780 for the Air Jordan 1 Retro OG Retro Basketball shoe.
  • Buy online: Sneakerhead website
  • Return policy: Sneakerhead offers free returns within 30 days of the shipping date. Contact customer service at 1-866-339-7463 to get a return authorization code and shipping label. All original packaging and accessories must be included in the return. Returns will not be accepted if there is evidence the shoes have been worn outside. See Sneakerhead’s full return policy.
  • Note: Good sales can be found here if you aren’t set on a particular style. Sneakerhead guarantees that their shoes are authentic, and maintains an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. Sneakerhead is an online-only retailer.

Note: See our related research to find out which stores listed above will let you order shoes online and pick them up at a local store.

Buying from Distribution Sites

Other outlets such as Amazon and eBay sell Jordans through a variety of minor retailers, from individuals to small businesses. It’s worthwhile to explore these options, especially if you are looking for a particular style of shoe that may not be widely available in the stores listed above. However, if the seller is not doing business as part of a direct relationship with Nike, it’s wise to spend a bit more time verifying the authenticity and condition of the shoes before you buy. This might be necessary if you find that the seller has no other online presence except their profile on eBay or Amazon. Take the time to reach out to the seller with questions about their source for the Jordans they offer; if you get no response or an evasive response, look for another way to get the shoes you want.

In Summary

The list above covers the most established and reputable choices for where to buy Jordans. There is an incredible array of styles and color combinations available, so with a little research, you can find just the right pair to suit your individual style, whether you’re looking for a special pair of retro Jordans, brand new kicks for your middle-schooler, or a pre-owned pair of Jordans still in great condition. Look for sales from many of these retailers to save some cash and score some shoes.

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