Where to Buy Lead Ingots + Where to Find Lead for Free

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Lead is becoming less common due to health concerns, but there are still places where you can buy lead ingots, sheet lead, and lead rolls.

Popular stores that sell lead include Amazon, Bass Pro Shops, and Lowe’s. If you’re looking for scrap lead or free lead, you’ll want to try eBay or a junkyard or firing range.

Whether you’re looking for lead to melt and cast to make bullets, fishing weights, and other items, or you’re looking for sheet lead for waterproofing, we have the list of places to find it below.

Where to Buy Lead

Lead can be purchased in ingots, or blocks, for melting or casting, or in sheets and rolls for construction projects like roofing and waterproofing. You can also find lead in scrap form.

The best place to buy will vary depending on what form you wish to buy.

Note that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers guidelines to help protect your family from lead exposure. Lead exposure is particularly dangerous for children under age six.

Where to Buy Lead Ingots

To cast your own bullets or fishing weights, you might want to purchase a lead ingot.

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Bass Pro Shops

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Where to Buy Sheet Lead and Lead Rolls

Sheet lead is often used in construction for soundproofing and waterproofing. Lead rolls are often used for roofing to protect against severe weather.

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The Home Depot

Where to Find Scrap Lead

If you’re planning to melt lead, you don’t necessarily need to purchase lead ingots — you can buy scrap lead instead. Private sellers may post scrap lead on eBay and/or Craigslist.

Beware: Be sure to check the quality of the lead before purchasing, and, keep in mind, most sales on eBay and Craigslist cannot be returned.

Where to Get Free Lead

Fewer items are being made with lead, due to health concerns about lead exposure, but you may be able to find free lead at the following places:

Auto Repair Shops

  • How to get free lead: Call your local auto repair shop and ask if it has scrap lead —  specifically, wheel weights. If so, see if the shop might be willing to give it to you for free.

Construction and Roofing Companies

  • How to get free lead: Contact a nearby construction or roofing company and ask if it has scrap metal — specifically, sheet lead or lead rolls. If so, ask if the company might be willing to give it to you for free.

Junkyards and Scrap Yards

  • How to get free lead: Contact or visit your nearest junkyard or scrap yard to see if it has lead products like wheel weights. If so, ask if you can come by and pick them up for free.

Firing Ranges

  • How to get free lead: Contact a local firing range and ask what it does with the shells that are recovered. If it scraps them, ask if the facility would be willing to give them to you for free.

Our related research has the details on what scrap lead is worth.


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