Where to Buy Mistletoe: 11 Stores With Mistletoe for Sale

What is mistletoe? The plant, which is actually a parasite, has long been considered mystical. Why? It was said that the plant itself aided in fertility. Since it was used in practices related to the winter solstice, it became integrated into holiday decor. Kissing under the mistletoe began with the Greeks, who wanted a newly wed couple to have greater fertility.

The Many Uses of Mistletoe

Mistletoe comes in many forms, including artificial, real, and dried, and has its uses year-round. There are many ways to use mistletoe. Artificial mistletoe can be used in multiple holiday crafts and for various decorating ideas. Mistletoe is often seen in holiday garlands, wreaths, and kissing balls, which make beautiful decorations for holiday parties or winter weddings. Since mistletoe has long been one of the symbols of Christmas, you’ll also see it on plates, linens, tableware, and other holiday themed items.

Places That Sell Mistletoe


  • Types of mistletoe available: If there’s an item not found on Amazon, does it really exist? Mistletoe is no exception, and you’ll find the plant available on the website all year long. There’s artificial mistletoe in the form of sprigs, kissing balls, ornaments, plants, and even mistletoe extract. You’ll find fresh mistletoe cut and ready to ship any time of year.
  • When is it available? Year-round
  • Shop Amazon online for all types of mistletoe themed items including the plants themselves


  • Types of mistletoe available: Some Walmart stores include real mistletoe in their stores. Check inside the Garden area where plants and fertilizers are sold. The store also carries artificial mistletoe in the form of garlands, decorations, and other Christmas items such as ornaments and swag. These are typically found in the store’s designated Christmas section. Most Walmart stores begin putting out Christmas decorations well before Halloween, generally around the beginning of October.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (October through January)
  • Shop Walmart online for mistletoe and mistletoe decorations
  • Find the nearest Walmart

The Home Depot

  • Types of mistletoe available: There are rumors that some years and at some locations, Home Depot sells fresh mistletoe. This varies from store to store depending on your location, so check with individual stores specifically to find out if real mistletoe is available in your area. If not, Home Depot carries artificial mistletoe seasonally, including mistletoe decorations, potted artificial mistletoe, decorative mistletoe topiaries, wreaths, and other holiday accents. Mistletoe is available from roughly October to after Christmas in these and other forms. Home Depot even carries a paint color called Mistletoe.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (October through January)
  • Shop Home Depot online for mistletoe and related decorations
  • Find the nearest Home Depot


  • Types of mistletoe available: Though you can’t purchase real mistletoe through this site, there are so many decorative options if you’re looking for a way to incorporate the plant into your holiday home decorating. You can purchase these items year-round on Etsy, including mistletoe themed kissing balls, silk mistletoe decorations, mistletoe wreaths, and even cute themed items like linens, cards, jewelry, and hair accessories.
  • When is it available? Year-round
  • Shop Etsy online for many mistletoe options that are handmade and unique, including artificial mistletoe home decorations.


  • Types of mistletoe available: Craft and seasonal store Michaels offers multiple mistletoe options during the holidays only, generally from October to January in stores and online. The store doesn’t sell fresh mistletoe, but offers craft mistletoe in a variety of configurations for decoration or crafting purposes. Michaels also offers many seasonal promotions and coupons to make shopping less costly throughout the holidays. Put together your own decorations if you’re crafty, or opt for already made wreaths, swags, and ornaments featuring the seasonal plant.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (October through January)
  • Shop Michaels online for mistletoe themed items throughout the holidays.
  • Find the nearest Michaels

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • Types of mistletoe available: This store offers a multitude of holiday offerings featuring mistletoe. In the off season, you can find mistletoe home linens including sheets, pillows, and some holiday themed plateware. You’ll see more mistletoe decorations, wreaths, and ornaments during the holiday stocking season, which runs from October through January. The store doesn’t offer fresh mistletoe, but do offer a variety of mistletoe decorations and even serveware and entertaining pieces such as plates and napkins.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (October through January) though plateware is available online year-round
  • Shop Bed Bath & Beyond online.
  • Find the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond


  • Types of mistletoe available: Lowe’s is a home improvement store that stocks artificial and fresh mistletoe. You can use either for decorative purposes. These items aren’t available until the holiday season for purchase, but once the store stocks mistletoe, you can purchase in store or online at your convenience. During the season, the store offers decorations that include artificial mistletoe, such as hanging mistletoe balls and wreaths.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (October through January)
  • Shop Lowe’s online for mistletoe.
  • Find the nearest Lowe’s

Cracker Barrel

  • Types of mistletoe available: You’ll find many mistletoe decorations at Cracker Barrel, but not fresh mistletoe. This combination restaurant/country gift shop stocks unique Christmas decorations, beginning around September when they put out holiday items until January when the season officially ends. You won’t find any mistletoe until holiday stocking starts in stores, and it usually shows up a little later on the store’s website.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (September through January)
  • Shop Cracker Barrel online.
  • Find the nearest Cracker Barrel

Triumph Plant

  • Types of mistletoe available: For fresh mistletoe that comes straight from Oregon, opt for Triumph Plant. This gardening company ships mistletoe during the holiday season in regular packaging or in a gift box, if necessary. You’ll need to call the company to discuss sending mistletoe as a gift. The plant is available online from November until December 10, so there’s a small window to get your order in. The only catch is that Triumph supplies retailers with mistletoe, so if you own a store or flower shop and wish to stock the real thing this season, this is the place to contact.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (November through December)
  • Shop Triumph Plant online for mistletoe
  • Call the company with questions at (845) 634-5060


  • Types of mistletoe available: Target doesn’t offer fresh mistletoe, but they do offer artificial mistletoe springs, wreaths, and other home decorations for the holidays. Typically, Target stocks seasonal items after Halloween and they remain until after Christmas is over. You’ll also find mistletoe items online during this seasonal time.
  • When is it available? Seasonally (October through January)
  • Shop Target online for mistletoe items.
  • Find the nearest Target

Mountain Rose Herbs

  • Types of mistletoe available: For dried mistletoe, head to Mountain Rose Herbs online. They offer cut, dried mistletoe for medicinal purposes, such as creating handmade teas, salves, or tinctures.
  • When is it available? Year-round
  • Shop Mountain Rose Herbs online to purchase dried mistletoe

In Summary

Mistletoe is a classic holiday decoration, alleged to have mystical powers akin to Cupid’s. There are several places where you can buy mistletoe and even more variations of mistletoe products to choose from. You can get mistletoe decorations, actual plants, artificial decorations, and more. And, if you’d rather not go out more than necessary during chilly winter months, you can buy your mistletoe from an online retailer. Happy holiday decorating!

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