How Much Do Pumpkins Cost? Answered (+ Where to Buy Them)

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Short Answer

Farmers markets and pumpkin patches tend to price their pumpkins by the pound, charging around $20 to $28 for large pumpkins. Chain stores charge a per-pumpkin price, which is usually around $3 for small, decorative pumpkins and $5 to $10 for carving pumpkins.

The Various Uses for Pumpkins

Everyone knows about jack-o-lanterns, but there are so many other uses for pumpkins. If you’ve bought your pumpkin for carving, you might be able to make use of the insides too. To get the most out of your pumpkin purchases, we’ve listed below some uses for pumpkins that might not have crossed your mind.

There are pumpkin recipes for every meal, even snack time. There’s a lot more than just pumpkin pie:

  • Breakfast: Pumpkin pancakes are a sweet, light, and popular pumpkin breakfast item.
  • Lunch: Everyone loves a good sandwich during lunchtime! For a seasonally-appropriate pumpkin sandwich, try making a savory cheddar pumpkin grilled cheese.
  • Dinner: Turkey pumpkin chili is high in protein and vitamin A.
  • Snacks: Pumpkin seeds are simple to make and healthy for you, too! They contain a range of nutrients like copper and magnesium. If you’re using your pumpkin for something else, keep the seeds for later. Let them dry or toast them in the oven, and then have them for a snack.

In addition to being used for food, pumpkins can also be used for these unique recreational purposes:

  • Crafts: Pumpkins have traditionally been used for crafts and decorations. Freeze or dry out your pumpkins for extended use in a variety of crafts for decoration.
  • Replanting: When carving your pumpkin, take the time to save the seeds. You’ll be able to plant those seeds and grow your own pumpkins.
  • Skin Care: You can use the insides of your pumpkins to create face masks and body scrubs that will rejuvenate your skin.

Local Places That Sell Pumpkins

The best local places to buy pumpkins are farmers markets and pumpkin patches. These places tend to have the most extensive variety of pumpkins, which means you’ll be able to find all different kinds, like Cinderella pumpkins, white pumpkins, and bottle gourds.

Farmers Markets

  • Farmers markets often sell pumpkins in fall, whether locally grown or not. Check your local newspaper, city website’s event calendar, or community bulletin board for locations and times.

Pumpkin Patches

  • Pumpkin patches are popular spots for family outings and often have additional activities like apple slinging, corn mazes, and hay rides. Keep an eye out as well for special events, like food festivals, at your local pumpkins patch. Look at the Pumpkin Patches and More website to find a pumpkin patch near you.

National Retailers That Sell Pumpkins

If you would rather avoid driving to the pumpkin patch or skip the added costs of the extra activities at the farm, there are several national retail chains that you can rely on to stock pumpkins. The stores can also be advantageous compared to farmers markets because they have longer hours and more locations. We’ve included in-store retailers who carry pumpkins and online retailers where you can buy pumpkins seeds to grow your own.

In-Store Retailers

These large retail stores carry mostly medium and large-sized pumpkins, which are good for carving and baking. Of these chains, Walmart and ALDI tend to have the lowest prices on pumpkins. Select the store name to navigate to their store locator page and find a store near you.

Online Retailers

If you’re looking to buy seeds to grow your own pumpkins, check out these sites!

How Much Do Pumpkins Cost?

Typically, pumpkins from farms are sold by the pound. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the average price per pound of pumpkin is about $2 for consumers. A standard pumpkin weighs 10 to 14 pounds, which means you could pay $20 to $28 per pumpkin. This price varies depending on which state you’re in, how well pumpkin crops are doing, and where you buy pumpkins from. There’s also a big difference between pumpkin prices at local places and big-box retailers, which you can find out more about below.

Local Sellers’ Prices

Local sellers’ prices are often higher than big-box retailers because they charge for pumpkins by the pound. Small, decorative pumpkins may go for around $5, while larger pumpkins, like those used for carving, may go for $16 to $25.

Smaller pumpkins, however, are often sold in bundles and may end up cheaper. For example, Dan Schantz Farm & Greenhouses, with locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, sells small pumpkins by the bin rather than by the pumpkin. Also, keep in mind that local pumpkin patches might have admission fees or other paid farm activities, like apple slinging or a corn maze, adding to the overall price of your outing.

An advantage of buying from farmers markets and pumpkin patches is that they will have a greater size variety than a big-box retailer. Pumpkins come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Miller Farms Market’s pumpkin patch in Virginia, for example, boasts 23 varieties of pumpkin, squash, and gourd. Buying local is also beneficial because you’ll be supporting small, locally-owned businesses.

Big-Box Retailers’ Prices

The greatest benefit of purchasing from a larger retailer is that they are often easier to locate than small farmers markets, especially if you live in a more urban area. Big-box retailers’ prices are often lower than local sellers, too. For example, Walmart carries standard, large pumpkins useful for carving or baking for $5 to $10.

The variety a store carries will be based on what pumpkin products they order, but will mostly be larger, standard pumpkins suitable for carving or decoration. It can be harder to find smaller, decorative pumpkins at these retailers. However, mini pumpkins are often available at Walmart and similar retailers, usually for about $3 or less.

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