Where to Buy Reverse Osmosis Water (In-Store or Delivery)

There’s nothing like the taste of pure, clean water. But not all water is the same! There are many different types, from tap water to natural spring to mineral water to distilled water — and more! For some water connoisseurs, water that has been treated by reverse osmosis is simply the best, both in terms of taste and health.

Keep reading to learn exactly where to buy reverse osmosis water.

What is Reverse Osmosis Water Exactly?

Simply put, reverse osmosis water is filtered to remove up to 99% of impurities.

Osmosis is a natural process where a less-concentrated solution of water or other fluid passes through a semi-permeable membrane into a higher-concentrated solution. As an example, plants draw water from the soil into their roots through the process of osmosis.

By definition, reverse osmosis is the opposite of this process: a more-concentrated solution is passed through a membrane into a less-concentrated solution.

Reverse osmosis systems use high pressure to push water through a plastic, semi-permeable membrane, which removes impurities such as salt, minerals including lead, copper, and arsenic, most types of bacteria, and totally dissolved solids (TDS) to produce water that is almost completely pure. Water treated with reverse osmosis is not only healthier with fewer impurities, according to many, the taste is amazing.

The List of Places Where You Can Buy Reverse Osmosis Water

One way to get reverse osmosis water is to purchase and install a home filtration system, typically installed either under your kitchen sink, or in the basement or utility room. Learn more about some of the reverse osmosis water filtration systems available for home use.

However, if you’re interested in buying water that’s already gone through the reverse osmosis process, here’s where you can find it:


The following brands of bottled water use reverse osmosis filtration. They can be purchased at convenience stores, gas stations, and grocery stores nationwide.

A number of retailers also carry their own line of reverse osmosis bottled water:


  • Info: Most Kroger’s stores and their subsidiaries carry reverse-osmosis filtered Kroger’s Purified Drinking Water in both bottle and gallon sizes.
  • View their selection


  • Info: This nationwide retail store chain carries gallon- and bottle-sized Market Pantry purified water, which is processed using reverse osmosis.
  • View their selection


  • Info: Walgreens carries gallons and bottles of Nice! purified water, which uses reverse osmosis filtering.
  • View their selection


  • Info: The Walmart brand Great Value Drinking Water is filtered using reverse osmosis. Gallons and bottles of Great Value water are available at Walmart stores nationwide.
  • View their selection

Self-Service Water Dispensaries

FreshPure Waters

  • Info: These self-service water dispensaries allow you to choose from reverse osmosis, deionized, or high pH water. Reverse osmosis and deionized water cost around 39 cents a gallon. Dispensers can be found in natural food stores across 38 states.
  • Learn more by visiting FreshPure Waters’ website

H2O To Go

  • Info: H2O To Go reverse osmosis filtered water dispensers are located in more than 80 locations throughout the U.S., with prices starting at around 30 cents per gallon.
  • Learn more by visiting H2O To Go’s website


  • Info: Primo self-service water is treated with reverse osmosis, as well as carbon filters and ultraviolet sterilization, and typically costs around 35 cents per gallon. Dispensers are available nationwide at major chain stores including WalMart and Meijer.
  • Learn more by visiting Primo’s website

Whole Foods

  • Info: This health food chain store offers reverse osmosis water dispensaries with varying costs of around 35 to 40 cents per gallon.
  • Learn more by visiting Whole Foods’ website

Water Delivery Companies

There are quite a few companies that will deliver reverse osmosis filtered water to your home for use in home drinking water dispensary systems, or simply straight from the jug. Most home delivery water is available in five-gallon bottles that can be returned and refilled when emptied.


  • Info: Absopure offers a wide range of reverse osmosis water products for home delivery. The cost is around $7 for a standard five-gallon jug.
  • Learn more by visiting Absopure’s website


  • Info: This company offers home water delivery via Arrowhead Direct, with delivery provided through either Arrowhead or a trusted regional partner such as Crystal Rock.They provide multiple reverse osmosis water brands, including Arrowhead and Nestle PureLife. Prices range from around $6 to $7 for a five-gallon bottle.
  • Learn more by visiting Arrowhead’s website

Crystal Springs

  • Info: Crystal Springs offers home delivery of reverse osmosis filtered water in three- and five-gallon sizes. The first three bottles of water are free with any delivery order.
  • Learn more by visiting Crystal Springs’ website


  • Info: This popular water treatment and delivery company offers home delivery nationwide, starting at around $10 a month — a cost that includes both drinking water and equipment.
  • Learn more by visiting Culligan’s website

Premium Waters

  • Info: This water delivery company services multiple states in the Midwest with home delivery of premium, reverse osmosis drinking water, as well as reverse osmosis filtration units. On average, a five-gallon bottle costs around $6.50.
  • Learn more by visiting Premium Waters’ website


  • Info: This Nestle-owned company offers home delivery of Nestle PureLife reverse osmosis filtered water in various sizes, from multi-pack single-serve bottles to five-gallon jugs. Delivery is provided nationwide, and the standard five-gallon bottle costs around $6 to $7.
  • Learn more by visiting ReadyRefresh’s website

In Summary

Out of all the choices for drinking water, reverse osmosis is the purest and most filtered available. Fortunately, it’s also widely available through bottled brands, water delivery services, or self-service water dispensaries. The price is on par with other types of filtered water, making it accessible to most people who want to make the switch to reverse osmosis water, either for its clean taste or its purity.

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