Where to Buy Ross Gift Cards: Availability Explained

Short Answer: Ross Dress for Less gift cards are only available directly from Ross stores or the Ross website. You can purchase gift cards of $10 to $150 from Ross, and gift cards are only redeemable in stores. For more information on buying Ross Dress for Less gift cards, see below.

Where to Buy Ross Gift Cards

You can only buy Ross Dress for Less gift cards directly from a Ross store location or RossStores.com. Ross does not partner with any third-party retailers to sell its gift cards online or in stores, customer service representatives said.

Ross gift cards are available in stores and online in any amount from $10 to $150. When purchasing gift cards up to $100 in value, Ross offers four preset denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100, or you can choose a custom amount.

Ross sells physical gift cards and allows you to choose from seven predetermined designs. It does not sell digital gift cards or offer email delivery. It also does not sell customizable gift card designs at the time of this writing, though the company’s website notes that Ross will begin offering them in the Spring of 2020.


Ross does not charge any additional purchase fees for its gift cards. However, if you order gift cards online, note that you will be responsible for the shipping charges. Shipping for Ross Dress for Less gift cards ranges from under $1 to $21, depending on how quickly you want the card delivered.


You cannot obtain a replacement for a lost Ross Dress for Less gift card, even with a receipt. Gift cards are not reloadable or returnable; however, in California, you can redeem a gift card with a balance of less than $10 for cash.

Additionally, the Ross website does not include an online store; due to the lack of online purchasing options, you can only use gift cards at brick-and-mortar Ross stores.

Stores That Don’t Sell Ross Gift Cards

We reached out to 18 online and brick-and-mortar retailers that sell third-party gift cards to confirm that no stores other than Ross sell its gift cards. The following stores do not sell Ross Dress for Less gift cards: