Where to Buy Single Stamps + Where to Buy Envelopes (Costs Included)

“Where can I buy a single stamp?” It’s a common question. Although mailing letters is no longer the norm, there are still times where you might have to send something through the mail instead of electronically. The problem with having to send something through the mail these days is that most people don’t have mailing supplies on hand, such as postage stamps and envelopes.

In a previous article, we covered places that sell booklets of stamps. While buying a whole booklet of stamps is good for someone who mails things often, most people probably only need to mail something once or twice a year and wouldn’t be able to get through a whole booklet of stamps before the price of postage goes up. The good news is that there are places where you can buy everything you need to mail a letter including single stamps and envelopes. This article will cover what you need to know about purchasing single stamps and envelopes. We’ll even cover ways you can send a letter without the hassle of having to buy mailing supplies.

The Cost of a Single Stamp

As of press time, the current price for a single, standard-sized first-class stamp is $0.50. You can find more information about the price of stamps on the USPS website.

Although this article focuses on buying single stamps for immediate use, it might be worth it to buy a booklet of forever stamps. Forever stamps never expire, and the value of a forever stamp will always match the current price of mailing a first-class letter. You can buy a booklet of forever stamps directly from the USPS.

Are you sure you only need one stamp? We recommend checking out our article: How Many Stamps Do I Need to Send a Letter, Package, etc? (Answered)

Where to Buy Single Stamps

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places where you can buy a single stamp, but we uncovered the places that do sell single stamps:


  • Can You Purchase a Single Stamp at Winco: Yes
  • Additional Information: Winco sells stamps in booklets of 20 or as a single stamp
  • Locations: Winco is a large regional grocery chain with locations in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington. Find the nearest Winco.

USPS Post Offices

  • Operating Hours: Vary by branch
  • Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash, checks, credit cards, debit cards, and EBT cards
  • Services Offered: In addition to buying individual stamps, you can buy stamp booklets and other shipping supplies, mail letters and packages, purchase money orders, apply for a passport, rent a PO Box, and more.
  • Locations: Find your nearest Post Office

USPS Self-Service Kiosks

Note: Self-service kiosks are usually located right outside of a Post Office.

  • Operating Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Accepted Form of Payment: Debit/credit card and EBT card. The kiosks work like an ATM, and you will be given a receipt along with your stamp(s).
  • Services Offered: In addition to buying individual stamps, you can mail packages, flat rates, and letters up to 70 pounds. Parcels and letters can be mailed via Express, Priority, First Class, and International Mail.
  • Locations: Find the nearest USPS self-service kiosk. Be sure to select “Self-Service Kiosks” from the drop-down menu.

Need Both? Here’s Where to Buy Single Stamps and Where to Buy Envelopes (At the Same Place)

To save you time and fuel, we’ve found the places where you can buy both single stamps and envelopes.


  • Types of Envelopes and Stamps Sold: Wegman’s sells stamps in booklets of 20 or as a single stamp. Several different types of envelopes are available including #10  envelopes and larger Kraft envelopes. See all the envelopes Wegmans has to offer.
  • Location: Wegmans is a large regional grocery chain with locations in Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Find the nearest Wegmans.

UPS Store

  • Types of Envelopes and Stamps Sold: UPS Store locations are individually owned and operated. This means that some stores sell single stamps and envelopes while others do not. You will need to call ahead to be sure. Additionally, since each location is individually owned and operated, owners are allowed to set their own prices on stamps. Reportedly, the price for an individual stamp can range anywhere from $0.59 – $0.80. Again, you will need to call ahead and ask about a store’s prices. The UPS Store sells double window envelopes that are about the same size as a #10 envelope. The envelopes range in price from $29.99 – $35.99 for a pack of 250.
  • Location: Find the nearest UPS Store.

Post Office and USPS.com

  • Types of Envelopes and Stamps Sold: Pre-stamped envelopes are available for purchase online and in physical post offices. These envelopes come with a printed forever stamp, which makes them great for sending domestic first-class letters. The envelopes are standard #10 envelopes both with and without windows for return and sender addresses. There are different designs to choose from. The price for the stamped envelopes varies depending on design and how many envelopes you need. An individually stamped envelope is available for $0.61.
  • Location: Purchase stamped envelopes on the USPS website. Find the nearest USPS.

Grocery Stores That Sell Envelopes and Booklets, Rolls of Stamps


Food City

Fry’s Food

Giant Eagle


  • Types of Envelopes Sold: Hy-Vee sells several different types of envelopes including #10 envelopes and larger Kraft envelopes. See all the envelopes Hy-Vee has to offer.
  • Location: Hy-Vee is a regional grocery store chain located in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Find the nearest Hy-Vee.

Jewel/Jewel Osco




  • Types of Envelopes Sold: Ralphs sells several different types of envelopes including #10 envelopes and larger bubble mailers. See all the envelopes Ralphs has to offer.
  • Location: Ralphs is a regional grocery chain located in Southern California. Find the nearest Ralphs.



Note: Target was not included in our previous article as a location that sells stamps; however, after contacting the company, we have found that some Target locations do sell booklets of stamps while others do not. Be sure to call ahead to your local Target to be sure.


Wholesale Stores That Sell Envelopes and Booklets, Rolls of Stamps

Since these are wholesale stores, #10 envelopes will be sold in bulk boxes of 500. The price will vary depending on the store but will generally be about $14. If you’re a small business owner or someone who letters often, it might be a good idea to purchase a bulk box of envelopes. Although the upfront cost is higher, buying a larger box of envelopes will cost less in the long run.

BJ’s Wholesale Club


  • Types of Envelopes Sold: Costco sells several different types of envelopes including  #10  envelopes and larger Kraft envelopes. See all the different envelopes Costco has to offer.
  • Location: Find the nearest Costco.

Sam’s Club

Office Supply Stores That Sell Envelopes and Booklets, Rolls of Stamps

Office Depot/OfficeMax


Pharmacies That Sell Envelopes and Booklets, Rolls of Stamps


  • Types of Envelopes Sold: CVS sells several different types of envelopes including  #10 envelopes and larger Kraft envelopes. See all the envelopes CVS has to offer.
  • Location: Find the nearest CVS.


Rite Aid

Note: Rite Aid reportedly sells stamps but is not endorsed by the USPS.

Places That Sell Envelopes but Not Stamps

The following stores sell envelopes but do not sell stamps of any kind. Both of these stores are dollar stores, and a box of 40 count #10 envelopes will cost $1.00.

Dollar Tree

Dollar General

Other Ways to Send a Letter

Even though there are many places to get stamps, both in booklets and as singles, and envelopes, it is often an inconvenience for people’s busy lives. Luckily, there are a few convenient ways to send a letter without having to drive around looking for supplies.

Your Place of Work

After doing some research on whether you could mail letters from work, we’ve found that it depends on your workplace’s policy/office culture. Most offices either have a mail room or a metered mail machine, which stamps pre-paid postage onto an envelope (like those return envelopes you get from paper bills). Every office’s policy will be different.

Some offices have a dedicated coin jar for people to leave a few cents when sending mail through the office. Some employees report that their workplace doesn’t care if they send mail through the office and will send it for free. Of course, there are offices that prohibit employees from sending any kind of personal mail. The best thing to do is ask your boss or whoever is in charge of the mail room. Always be sure to ask first and don’t just use the meter machine without permission.

University/College Post Office

Typically, a college campus will have one or more post offices. These campus post offices will have basic mailing supplies available for purchase. This means that if you’re a student or faculty member, you’ll be able to buy both stamps and envelopes and have your mail sent out from one convenient location. Prices for supplies will vary, so call ahead to your campus post office for more information.

Mail a Letter Online

Through our research, we came across a website called Mail A Letter. This is what we can tell you about Mail A Letter’s services:

  • How Does It Work?: Mail A Letter allows you to write a letter online directly on the site. After you write your letter, the service will print your letter, address the envelope, affix postage, and send your letter off by the next business day. Mail A Letter sends the letters through the USPS.
  • Delivery Options: Letters will be sent through first class USPS mail unless a special delivery option is selected. Express mail delivery is available for addresses worldwide. Certified mail and Registered mail delivery are only available for addresses within the U.S. Tracking for letters to U.S. addresses is also available.
  • Pricing: Registering for a personal account on Mail A Letter is free. A corporate account costs $9.99/month but includes extra services such as multiple logins, full-color company logo on envelopes and indefinite storage. Mailing a domestic letter through first-class mail will cost $1.52 for the first page and $0.46 for each additional page. Mailing an international letter will have a flat fee of $2.54 for the first page and $0.47 for each additional page. Express mail costs $32.54; Certified mail costs $8.80, and Registered mail costs $25.85. There are a few additional mailing services such as having a stamped self-addressed return envelope included with your letter and having your letter printed on ivory fine linen paper.
  • Website: Go to Mail A Letter’s website.

In Summary

As you can see, finding a place that will sell you a single stamp is possible. Envelopes are widely available at a number of stores that may not sell single stamps but do sell stamps in larger quantities. You might even live near a store that sells both single stamps and envelopes.

Remember that there are a few ways to get around having to go out and buy mailing supplies. You might work at a place that lets you make use of the mail room for a small fee or at no cost. If you’re a student, your campus post office should be a one-stop shop for stamps, envelopes, and sending out your letter. Additionally, there are online services that can take care of everything for you including applying postage to an envelope and sending it out. Whether you mail letters often, or only a few times a year, there are several ways to find stamps, envelopes, and places to send letters for you.

Want to make it easy and just buy stamped envelopes? We have the list of places that sell stamped envelopes.

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