Where to Buy Snow Cone Syrup & Concentrate (In Stores & Online)

Snow cone syrup can be one of those hard-to-find, seasonal items. It seems like every store you visit has a full display of brightly-colored syrup bottles in the summer, but when you’re looking for it in February, you suddenly can’t find it anywhere. Just try telling your craving to wait until summer — or until your online order of syrup shows up. Not gonna happen!

Maybe you don’t even want the syrup for snow cones and instead plan to use it as a budget-friendly substitute for high-priced soda syrup in your SodaStream machine. Yes, you can do that!

No matter what your snowcone plans or what time of year it is, we’re going to help you get your hands on the sticky stuff that will make it all happen. And in addition to finding snow cone syrup, we’ll also talk about how much syrup you’ll need for a large group and boozy snow cones for your next shindig.

Buying Bulk Snow Cone Syrup

If you’re planning snow cones for a large group like a birthday party, school carnival or family picnic, how much syrup to buy can seem like a mystery. Luckily for us, Heavenly Snowcones has published a syrup-to-snowcone chart on its website, which says that a pint will make 10 (six-ounce) cones, a quart will make 20 cones, and a gallon will make 80 cones. Keep in mind that if you plan for 80 cones, you may also choose to break up the gallon you need into different flavors by buying four separate quarts or eight pints.

Those buying in bulk may also be interested in concentrates, which have a longer shelf life. Concentrates are used to flavor large quantities of simple syrup. (You can make your own simple syrup or purchase it.) You just shake the concentrate and syrup together in a container and — voila! — snow cone syrup.

Concentrates are great if you’re not sure which flavors will be popular with a crowd. Instead of buying pre-flavored syrup and risking having gallons of leftover flavors that flopped, you can buy a variety of concentrates, stock up on all the simple syrup you’ll need, and mix up your flavors right in the serving bottles as you run out. No leftover syrup or running out of the flavors that everyone keeps coming back for! If you’re looking for concentrates, we’ve noted below which bulk suppliers offer them.

Where to Buy Snow Cone Syrup

If you’re making snow cones for only a few people (or don’t mind buying 20 small bottles) and need your syrup now, Walmart, Target, and Publix may have it in stock. You can use their websites to search for syrup and see if there’s any in stock in your area using the included links in this list.

Most stores carry syrup online year-round but only offer it in-store seasonally, so you may have better luck finding snow cone syrup in the summer. Retailers that carry popular brands (spoiler alert: Jelly Belly and Candy Crush make snow cone syrups) and sugar-free flavors are noted, in case you’re looking for something specific.

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Here’s where to buy snow cone syrup (wholesale, in-store, sugar-free, you name it)…


  • In-store: No physical stores
  • Online: Quarts and gallons of regular and sugar-free syrup, concentrates, snow cone machines, and supplies
  • View selection


  • In-store: AmazonGo stores don’t carry snow cone syrup.
  • Online: Bulk, sugar-free, concentrate, base syrup, snow cone machines, and supplies
  • View selection

Bed Bath & Beyond

  • In-store: None offered
  • Online: Jelly Belly brand, cones, and snow cone machines
  • View selection

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

  • In-store: Hawaiian Shaved Ice doesn’t have its own stores.
  • Online: Pints, quarts, and gallons of regular and sugar-free syrup, snow cone machines, and supplies
  • View selection

Heavenly Snowcones

  • In-store: No physical stores
  • Online: Quarts and gallons of regular and sugar-free syrup, concentrates, snow cone machines, and supplies
  • View selection

The Home Depot

  • In-store: No
  • Online: Syrup by the gallon and snow cone machines
  • View selection


  • In-store: No
  • Online: Great Northern brand, kits, and variety packs
  • View selection


Sam’s Club

  • In-store: No
  • Online: Bulk, concentrates, base syrup, sugar-free syrup, snow cone machines, and cones
  • View selection



  • In store: Hawaiian Punch brand Fruit Red and Berry flavors
  • Online: Bulk, concentrates, base syrup, sugar-free, additional brands, and flavors (including Jelly Belly)
  • View selection and find a Walmart

Stores That Don’t Sell Snow Cone Syrup

  • Costco
  • Dollar General
  • Dollar Tree
  • Gordon Food Service
  • Meijer
  • Party City
  • Whole Foods Market
  • World Market

In Summary

Now you know where to buy snow cone syrup. There are a number of retailers that sell snow cone syrup and almost all of them carry a variety year-round if you order online. For quick cravings or short notice any time of the year, search your local Walmart, Target, and Publix to see if any is in stock locally. If you’re serving snow cones to a crowd, order your syrup in bulk. You might also consider mixing your own flavors from simple syrup and concentrate. For boozy snow cones, you can easily shake up your own syrup or visit your local boozy snow cone serving bar, like Dave & Buster’s.